How to Dress Nice and Chic – Your 5-Step Checklist

Everyday Style

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you think of?

Do you need coffee?

-Workout time?

-Breakfast, I’m starving?

-What am I wearing today?

We have a lot of decisions to make throughout the day and wondering if we look pretty and stylish shouldn’t be one of them. The question isn’t whether you should dress nice, dressing nice should be your default, it’s how to dress nice every day without much thought or effort.

Getting dressed in the morning should be fun and energizing. You’re setting the tone for the day ahead. Don’t you want it to be a good one?

When you love your outfit, it makes you feel more confident, more beautiful and gives you that extra boost. When you smile in the mirror, you know you’re ready to take on the day!

I know you’ve argued against this before. It happens to even the best of us. Good. I don’t know if it happens to Anna Wintour, but it does happen to me. When you’re running late, frantically pulling different outfits out of your closet, none of which look good, and leaving the house with an outfit you’re not sure fits. You’re less confident, less happy, and worst of all, you start the day tired and uncertain.

I know you know the importance of pursuing your favorite everyday style, so let’s dive into how to dress nice, be stylish, and look better so when you walk out the door to start your day!

You can’t have a great day in a bad outfit. It’s not good for our spirits or our confidence. Some days are better than others, but that’s no excuse to put on a bad outfit.

What if you ran into someone you knew? Do you hide? Avoid them? If you answered yes, then you must keep reading this style guide!

How to dress well every day

I try to dress nice most days, not just for special occasions or when I go out to meet others. My daily preparations can be boiled down to a simple list. This is how I make sure I dress nice and look stylish every day. Whether I’m putting together a business casual outfit for work or a casual weekend set of white jeans, this list applies.

Because you can’t just throw your outfit together and expect to look chic every time. You might get lucky a few times, but you have a system for getting ready. Before I leave the house, I will follow this list.

If you’re thinking, “A list of preparations? Really?” YES!

This simple 5-step list of how to dress well, look better, and feel more stylish will help you evaluate every outfit to make sure that every time you walk out the door, you look your best.

How to look your best – 5 step checklist

1. does it fit?

The first rule is that looking and being stylish is paramount!

This may sound simple, but many people leave the house with clothes that are either too big or too small. Make sure your clothes fit you, unless it’s intentional, like a boyfriend t-shirt or loose sweater. Be sure to pay special attention to point 4 if you want a chic look.

2. are those colors coordinated?

Make sure the colors on your clothes complement you and other colors!

Take a look at the colors you’re wearing and review the palette. Is it muted, bright, or contrasting? Color can affect your entire mood, so in addition to fit, make sure the color contributes to your attitude.

If you’re feeling happy and excited, you won’t want to suppress that energy by wearing all black. Choose a palette that suits your mood, or use color to bring you out of a funky mood.

Don’t turn to black when you’re down; pull out your favorite colors in your closet and add some fun accessories. Use clothes to improve your mood. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I wear my favorite clothes. Don’t wear sweatpants or pajamas all the time.

Make sure the color matches your skin tone and hair color.

3. Is this a compliment?

Are your strengths being emphasized? Does your outfit make your body look great?

This not only applies to your sexiest jeans, but to every piece of clothing in your closet. Every piece of clothing should flatter your figure. Regardless of your body type, you want a defined waistline because you’ll instantly feel sexier!

Does the dress make you look taller and thinner or shorter? Does what you’re wearing make you feel outdated?

4. Is it balanced?

Do the patterns, colors, styles, proportions and fabrics of the garment look harmonious?

Does the outfit confuse you? Is it overwhelming for you? Are there too many accessories or contrasting colors?

You’ll know when an outfit isn’t balanced because you’ll feel like something doesn’t fit.

If you’re planning on buying a bigger dress, make sure you balance it out with a slimmer dress. Like a slouchy sweater paired with black bottoms or a pencil skirt, a loose top is balanced with a fitted bottom.

You could argue that point four is a classic.

5. what does this outfit say about me?

Because your clothes speak before you speak, make sure you have the message you want people to hear.

First impressions determine everything and it only takes a split second to form them. Make the impression you want to make. People will judge you whether you like it or not, so you better make the judgment you want!

Consider where you’re going. Does your outfit give off the right vibe to the people you’ll be interacting with? Then move on and make the most of the day. If it doesn’t, then change into something that doesn’t fit.

If you follow this simple 5-step list, it will help you dress better, feel more stylish and look better overall. Keep it on your phone or dresser where it’s easy to see.

Think a day ahead

The first thing to think about when preparing your line is what you’re going to do today. What are your plans and what kind of gear do you need? Is it a workday full of meetings and human interaction? Do you need to appear strong and confident? Or are you ready to sip wine with your best friend?

Will you be wearing pants (jeans or pants), a skirt, shorts or a dress? Once you’ve chosen the type of outfit you need to wear, then your foundation is built there. If you decide to wear dark jeans, what top will you wear with them? A long-sleeved blouse, a silk blouse or a printed mini-skirt because you plan to wear a blazer over it?

Once you’ve chosen your outfit, the next step is shoes and accessories. Accessories can jazz up a minimalist outfit and give you a different look when you want it.

The more time you spend on accessorizing, the easier it becomes. You start to understand what looks stylish on you and why certain pieces work together. Like most things, it just takes practice.

If you feel like it takes too much time in the morning, consider getting your outfit ready the night before. Don’t sacrifice your dress code just because you’re not an early riser.

Dress neatly and have a tidy closet

When you have a clean closet, the advice above becomes much easier. When you clean and organize your closet and assess what to keep, you’ll have a color-coordinated closet with skirts, blouses, jackets, jeans, sweaters, pants, dresses, etc. all in their proper places. You’ll know where your favorite jacket is and the perfect shoes to wear with it.

When your closet is full of your favorite clothes, it’s much easier to get ready because you know that every piece in your closet is stylish. Nothing is worn, dirty, ill-fitting, or unflattering.

With an organized closet, you will approach your closet with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

I hope this guide helps you answer the question of how to dress well and look stylish every day! Don’t save this list just for special occasions, this is something you can use every day when getting ready.



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