4 New Ways to Style Your Sweaters

Now that summer is over and fall has begun, it’s the perfect opportunity to dig out those cozy sweaters from the depths of your closet! Not only are sweaters cozy to wear, but they’re also versatile closet essentials. Whether you want to wear a chic office suit or a slouchy yet stylish Sunday brunch set, sweaters are perfect for every occasion. When designed correctly, even the plainest sweater can make an outfit pop.

Whether it’s a chunky knit pullover or a velvety cashmere design, there’s no better way to get into the fall spirit than with a cozy sweater. So, no matter how you’re feeling, keep turning to sweater styling ideas like layering tips, sophisticated silhouettes and winning pairings to help take your fall closet up a notch!

1. over floor-length dresses

Fall weather doesn’t mean the end of floor-length dress season. To add an extra layer of warmth, throw on a loose, oversized sweater over a halter dress for a casual look, or a lightweight linen sweater to make the dress look more fall appropriate. Or, wear a super short twisted knit top with a tight knit dress in a similar color for a sophisticated yet feminine look. This is a popular look for fashion lovers and fashionistas alike, and whether you’re at the office or having a fun night out on the town, a sweater paired with a skirt is the perfect match for every occasion.

2. With overalls

With the early 21st century revival in full swing, overalls are becoming a closet must-have for fashionistas. Pairing practical overalls with a soft and cozy sweater is a surefire way to strike the perfect balance between tactical and stylish. Pair low-rise, loose-fitting overalls with a seven-quarter sweater to reveal an edgy belly button, or throw a vintage oversized sweater over loose-fitting overalls for a retro vibe.

3. Wear knee-high boots

Knee-high boots have long been a fashion favorite, and for good reason: they’re perfect for adding a touch of playfulness to fashion. For a simple fall outfit, pair a tight sweater dress with knee-high boots with a v-back heel for a modern look. Or, you can wear an oversized striped sweater with lots of detailing and pair it with wide lace-up boots, which will maximize the sharp edge. To make the sweater and knee-high boots look more girly, wear a slightly shorter sweater with a mini skirt, then pair it with chic knee-high boots and a soft beret.

4. Wear a statement necklace

Accessories can make your fall look really pop – try pairing a bold necklace with your favorite sweater. Sweaters that consist of chunks of color or pattern can serve as the perfect canvas to highlight the sparkle of gold, silver, or brightly colored gemstones, bringing extra sparkle and style to your overall look. Classic turtlenecks can sometimes look bulky or shapeless, so pairing them with an eye-catching pendant necklace can give you a new look. Layered necklaces will look flattering with crew necks, boat necks and strapless necklines.



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