Zara Beauty: Zara launched a lipstick line, its first foray into the field of color makeup

Zara is officially entering the makeup world with the launch of a lipstick collection on Zara’s website. Some may have missed the news, but the most attentive and curious will notice that a makeup section has appeared on the website dedicated to these new beauty products, which are available from December 2018.

But what does Zara’s makeup collection include? A while back, we saw how the Spanish clothing giant is slowly taking its first steps into personal care and beauty by launching fragrances and hand creams, but makeup, that’s another story: so, let’s talk about it!

Zara Beauty’s first products deal only with the world of lips: in the collection, we find 12 lipsticks and 12 lip balms identical to those used in catalogues and winter campaign blockbusters, as well as two special “behind-the-scenes” sets. What is interesting is the choice of packaging, not black, but dark blue.

Zara Ultimatte Lipstick collection: 12 shades of velvety texture

Ultimatte lipsticks have a super matte effect (which is why they are numbered in numerical order and with the letter UM), so the end result is matte and velvety, leaving lips full of color and super color. All lipsticks are rich in vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes lips, ensuring maximum comfort even with a matte finish.

In addition to the 12 basic colors ranging from nude to red (and more specific colors like clove and fluorescent pink), two metallic colors have recently been added based on current trends: Ultimatte MM02 (bronzing metallic matte lip balm) and Ultimatte MM01 (raspberry metallic matte lip balm). Ultimatte lipstick costs 9.95 euros.

Zara Hi Matte Lipstick: 8 liquid lipsticks

Zara’s first lipstick line always follows the trend, and it can’t not include liquid lipstick; Liquid lipstick Hi Matte has a long-lasting matte effect and is very rich in pigment. There are currently eight types of liquid lipsticks on the market: they are rich in argan oil and vitamin E, have a matte effect, are full of color, and are hydrating and long-lasting. They cost 7.95 euros each.

Zara Beauty Behind-the-scenes set: By…

In addition to the single lipstick, you can also choose to buy a set, the Behind-the-scenes set, which includes three Ultimatte lipsticks: UM01, UM03 (pink) and UM11 (velvety deep Burgundy) (€19.95).

In addition to the first set, a second limited edition lip set has been added, which includes products used during the shoot of Zara Donna’s Fall/Winter 2018 campaign (ULTIMATTE UM01: Velvet MATTE lipstick, HI MATTE M14: Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, LINE IT UP! L02: Pink lip pencil) in nude tones.

What makes this suit special is that it was designed and produced by America’s most famous makeup artist, Pat McGrath, who personally picked this shade for the suit. The set is available in limited editions and costs 19.95 euros.



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