What to wear on a date?

This can be a particular headache for many women, especially when dating someone new or new. We don’t want to get it wrong and either look too edgy or too disinterested. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and I thought I could give you some guidance to help you decide what you should wear on your date because I can tell you that it’s about you and not just a regular piece of clothing!

Imogen, you can’t just tell me what to wear. What do you mean? I hear you asking about your computer screen?

I can’t, because it’s about you and what you’re trying to convey.

So, how do you decide what to wear?

Let’s go back to the concept of “Yin and Yang” and choose clothes that fit your personality and express yourself (as opposed to the version you imagine he’ll like but aren’t you, it’s best to always be authentic in a relationship).

1. The feminine element makes you look softer, more approachable, more cultured and warm.
2. The Yang element makes you look stronger, more powerful, more demanding, and less open.

So when thinking about what to wear on a date, you’ll want to combine these two elements, because no one wants to be the pushy one. But you’ll most likely wear more shade, because being approachable, friendly, and enthusiastic are good traits to have on a date!

Negative elements include details such as softer fabrics (even touchable), curved patterns and lines, smaller prints, lower contrast, and lighter colors (well, yes, that LBD makes you look unapproachable).

Masculine elements include hard fabrics, dark colors, high contrast, bold patterns and lines.

So how do you choose what to wear on a date from your wardrobe? Think about who you are and what you like, start there, and then add the message you want to convey. Do you want to be mysterious? Do you want to be funny?

What about sexy?

Being sexy and seductive is great, but is this a first date or a date with your husband? Being sexy with your husband or partner is great, but being sexy with someone on a first date can give off too much of the wrong vibe. A male friend of mine once said to me, “I love gift-wrapping. Leave something to your imagination!

What to wear on a dinner date

Speaking of packaging, have you ever thought about the power of a tie or bow? They are things that each of us would like to unravel. If you have a hot date – they can be a big part of your outfit!

You want to wear your little black dress? Then think about how to tone it down a bit – I think that’s why a colorful cashmere wrap dress is such a great addition. It can dampen the cold feel of black, or you can add a soft Angora cardigan that makes you want to touch it.

How do you get him to look deep into your eyes

Eyes are the Windows to the soul — why not catch his eye with a top or dress the color of your eyes?

What to wear on a casual date

Color is another aspect to consider. Did you know that studies have found that red can boost people’s mood (and it makes sense that red lipstick is a seductive color)? In light of this, if this is a date with a “happy ending,” then being the Lady in Red would be a very good thing. But if you want to keep him at arm’s length, it might not be wise to add more red to your outfit.

Go bowling or go to a lounge? That’s when you need red! The casual look makes Red less flamboyant and sexy, but grabs his attention and holds it all night long!

If it’s a first or second date, dress brightly! Studies have found that we remember colored experiences (70% more than neutral ones) – so if you want him to remember, color will help his brain turn your date into a lasting memory.



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