Top 10 investment items in my wardrobe

New Year, new…… Your closet? I hope so! If you want to make your wardrobe more sustainable this year, one of the easiest ways is to wear more clothes. To help you do that, today I’d like to share with you my most worn pieces and why I love these investment pieces so much.

Over the holidays, despite constantly compiling wish lists on Depop and Vestiaire Collective*, I realized that there was no longer a need for something new in my closet. I already have a full wardrobe. This got me thinking about…… Why don’t I pay attention to the clothes I wear the most? The “work machine” in my closet. The “work machine” in my closet is an “investment item” that costs only a few cents each time I wear it. Not only do these pieces excel at sustainability, but wearing them regularly is a form of sustainability in itself!

Below, we’re showcasing my most worn pieces, along with their photos, backstories, and cute little giveaways……

1. Black underwear

All right, let’s start with the basics. I tend to wear black underwear because it’s so easy to wear and goes with everything. I tend to wear Organic Basics* and Boody outfits and match them according to the closest underwear in the drawer.

2. Black T-shirt

Put on my underwear and I usually take a black T-shirt and put it on. Again, it’s easy. A lot of the clothes I wear are easy to wear, especially when writing and working from home. I have a few T-shirts, favorites Boyish Jeans* and Everlane (though I don’t shop there anymore), and a few I picked up from a yard sale.

3. Cashmere sweater

Cashmere sounds fancy and is often touted as one of the best investment pieces, but to be honest, I prefer this material because it’s so soft and warm! I had Everlane (again, I no longer support Everlane) and Nadaam’s cashmere onesies for several years, and I often wore layer upon layer, so they didn’t need to be cleaned as often. When I wash them, I wash them by hand and lay them flat to dry to make sure they hold their shape. It’s worth noting, though, that not all knitwear is ethical!

4. Blue wash jeans

Next, I’ll wear jeans more often. I just love jeans – I think it’s also because they’re warm and easy to wear. The ones I wear most are straight-leg Jeans from Boyish Jeans*, which Twiin gave me last year. They fit perfectly! (I’m not totally crazy though – if I had to work all day, I’d switch to leggings or sweatpants!) .

5. Gold hoop earrings

Now for jewelry. The earrings I wear the most are Monarc Jewellery’s Little Chubbies. I fell in love with these earrings during a visit to the Sustainable Department Store in 2019, and my mom gave them to me for Christmas. Last year, I used to wear them on my ears! In fact, I wear them so much that my sister got the same set this Christmas (but this time from me!). .

6. Black Chelsea boots

And don’t forget the shoes. I usually only wear two pairs of Shoes, and if today was a shoe day, then I’d wear Chelsea boots from Wills Vegan Shoes. These boots were given to me in 2018, and I’ve been wearing them ever since, even having them redone due to worn out heels! They’re unassuming, they go with everything, which is great.

7. White sneakers

… If it’s not a day for shoes, it’s a day for sneakers. The one I wear most often is my trusty pair of Vegan leather Veja* low-top sneakers. The French brand produced a limited number of sneakers made from cornstarch back in 2019, but unfortunately was unable to mass-produce them. To this day, I desperately hold on to these battered sneakers because I just won’t buy leather goods first hand. This is definitely a piece worth investing in!

8. Vintage wool coat

I have a few favorite overcoats when it comes to sustainable outerwear, but my vintage wool coat is definitely the one I wear the most. It’s super warm, super easy to wear with a belt on, and for just £20 on eBay, it’s a steal! I’ve since changed it, raised the hem a bit (I’m a short man), and I’ll take it back for minor repairs after I’ve gone out of business. Still, the extra repair cost is definitely worth it – it means I’m more comfortable in them, and I’ll continue to do so for years to come.

9. Black wool scarf

To match my wool coat, I have a wool scarf! My boyfriend gave me this black Johnstons of Elgin scarf a few years ago, and it’s still an everyday item. It is soft and warm and versatile. And it’s well made and doesn’t get moldy or fuzz!

10. Black mini bag

And finally, bags — my favorite mini bag. I coveted my used A.P.C. Demi-Lune handbag for years before I bought it. So it’s no surprise that when I finally added a handbag to my closet, I never took it down again! I pick it up whether I’m shopping or on a night out with friends. In my opinion, the mini bag is a minimalist must-have: it’s big enough to hold everything I need without being bulky. Plus, it can be worn diagonally over my coat, or with any of the above outfits, and it looks great!

Notes on organizing your closet and investing in your pieces……

It took me six years to put this wardrobe together, and it’s worth noting that my style has evolved and changed over the years. And the change is continuing. But it all comes from curating my style – really thinking.

The Curated Closet* helped me a lot in this regard. If you want to know your style and feel comfortable with what you wear on a daily basis, this book is definitely a good one.

I’m still a little skeptical when it comes to capsule closets and wardrobe challenges and all that stuff, because they try to fit us all into a mold. Instead, I’ve been looking for styles, shapes, and colors that I really like and wear over and over again.

By no means do I expect you to buy everything on this list, instead I hope it inspires you to examine your wardrobe and discover what you love to wear the most! What works best for you. Something that feels great every time you wear it.

Nor does “investing in a single product” necessarily equate to a big investment. This refers to items that are truly worth buying because they will be worn often. Although I like good quality items, I prefer to buy used goods.

So, I hope this guide will help you enjoy your wardrobe more this year and in the future!



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