Three ways to improve your skin for free

I have three rules for improving my skin – if I follow them, it doesn’t really matter what products I use. The problem is, I’m a slacker, a procrastinator, and a little flighty when it comes to being strict with myself. During my time as a full-time model, I was very good at persistence. It could be that the quality of my skin and appearance is directly related to income, but maybe we’ll never know.

Some people may say that this first rule doesn’t apply to them, in fact, it may even lead to more acne! I’m not a dermatologist, so please take my advice with caution…. Anyway, doing it regularly certainly won’t do you any harm.

1. Exercise. The sweaty kind.

In the process of sweating, your pores open up, which allows the dirty stuff out of your body that would otherwise clog your pores. It’s important to clean your skin immediately (warm water is fine, but a gentle cleanser is best) so that dirt doesn’t sit on the surface of your skin and cause clogs. Similarly, it’s good to steam your skin when cleansing it to open up pores. When I finish a Bikram yoga class, my skin is always as clear as a baby’s, as is a long run or spin class. I’d love to hear about your experience!

2. Drink plenty of water.

It may seem obvious to some people – but I’ve always noticed some difference in the quality of my skin and general health when I regularly have two litres of water in my body. On the question of increasing your water intake, you can’t achieve great results overnight – I think it would take a week for you to be comfortable with two litres of water…… if you were eating a lot less This is mainly because at first your body isn’t ready and you just pee all the water out (again, this is just my experience). By all means, increase your water intake and your body will thank you.

3. Get plenty of sleep.

Again, if you’re already doing this, you can call me Captain Obvious – but I’m often surprised by how many people I meet complain about the quality of their skin, burning the candle at both ends. Sleep can regenerate your skin, and beauty sleep is not some magical theory, but a sound strategy for looking beautiful. I always notice that after a good night’s sleep, the pores seem to get smaller. And it doesn’t cost a dime! Sleep for 8 hours and your skin will thank you.

Now I understand that if you have skin problems such as eczema or cystic acne – then seeing a dermatologist is always the best thing to do – but if there are other issues, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can do wonders for your skin…. . That said, you probably don’t need that $90 moisturizer…… Although some moisturizers do allow you to cheat these rules!

I hope this will help you improve your skin in the future!



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