This June, our editors’ favorite 29 new beauty products

With the Memorial Day holiday weekend behind us, the summer of 2024 is already in sight. Some people are looking forward to a holiday by the seaside or a bonfire, while others think there’s no better way to kick off the sunny season than with a new summer beauty product. If you fall into the latter category, or both, then you’re in luck because there are plenty of new beauty products to keep your eye on this June.

As is the case at the start of any new season, brands are launching seasonally appropriate products this month to ensure you maximise your best look (and feel) for the many warm days ahead. But with so many products to choose from in categories like hair, makeup, skin care, body, and perfume, it can feel a little overwhelming to figure out what products to buy to suit your needs. So our POPSUGAR editors have done a lot of work for you, testing the latest and greatest recipes that have rolled out over the past few weeks.

From ethereal summer perfumes to sunblock that will keep you from getting burned, and even a micro-electric meter that will keep you looking good all season long, we’ve rounded up the best beauty products to add to your shopping cart in June.

Best serum
InnBeauty Elastic skin

“I’ve never followed the snail serum that’s all the rage on TikTok, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m curious what all the hype is about. That’s why I’m so excited to try InnBeauty’s new elastic Skin serum. This vegan serum has similar volumizing, moisturizing and firming effects without the actual slimy creatures involved. The essence even has a cool, thick, elastic texture.”

Optimum lip mask
Provence Beauty Supple Pisces plump and smooth lip mask

“I like to have a moisturizing lip product on my desk at work at all times, and this month, I chose Provence Beauty Soft Pisces Plump and Smooth Lip Mask. Not only does it make my lips feel moisturized, it makes them shine all day long. It has a subtle volumizing effect, but it doesn’t sting or burn, which in my opinion is a great plus.”

Best facial mask
Dr. Dorft Morpheus Repair Mask

“I have had the privilege of meeting Dr. Melissa Doft several times over the years in her office, and while I am very selective about who I trust, she has proven herself to be an expert in everything. That’s why I can’t wait to use her new product line, trust me: The Morpheus Repair Mask works beyond imagination. It’s rich in plant extracts and peptides, and uses fancy techniques I don’t know much about, but I believe it can kick-start skin regeneration like an octopus growing back lost tentacles. All in all, all I know is that it smells very pleasant – light, almost earthy, with a hint of citrus – and the texture is watery without being heavy. I use it at night like a rich cream, only in this case, I wake up with the kind of glow I’ve always dreamed of.”

Optimal microcurrent device
bt-Sculpt micro-current facial care instrument

“I’ve tested a lot of Microcurrent devices, but the bt-Sculpt Microcurrent Facial Device may be my new favorite. Yes, it looks a little wacky, but the results are obvious after a few uses. Its design is different from any device I’ve tried before, but it delivers the best skin coverage. You only need one hand to get a great facial workout, and it won’t burn your face, which is a problem I’ve noticed with other microcurrent products in the past. “

Optimum lip oil
Gisou Honey moisturizing lip oil

“Gisou Honey moisturizing lip oil is already one of my favourite lip oils on the market, but the brand has recently introduced several new shades and they are all proven hot. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite, but if I had to, it would be strawberry sorbet, a pure pink color that makes my lips look plump and juicy. “

Best styling cream
KMS Conscious Style Beach Styling Cream

“‘ Tis the season for a trip to the beach, and with it comes effortless, wind-swept beauty. One of the ways I was able to do that was by using this styling product. It strikes the perfect balance between a hair cream and a conditioner: it adds a bit of grit to the hair, perfect for scratching, scratching, scratching until you get that perfect beach texture, while also adding a touch of moisture (thanks to uprecycled seaweed ingredients).”

Optimum hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer

“When I first learned that Dyson was going to launch a new generation of Supersonic, I was skeptical. I thought: What else could they add? But the Dyson Nural hairdryer soon taught me a thing or two. This is by far the smartest hair dryer I’ve ever used. It has a lot of new features, but my favorite is the Scalp Protection mode, which uses sensors to automatically adjust temperature and reduce the risk of damage to sensitive skin on the head. You can read the full review and comparison here.”

Best textured hair products
IGK Beach Club High Light textured Hair foam

“When it comes to styling products, I’m — or my hair is — pretty picky. As someone with soft, wavy hair, I’m always looking for products that will help me air dry my hair perfectly. IGK Beach Club High-Shine Hair Texture foam left a deep impression on me after just one use. This weightless foam enhances my wavy feel, reduces frizziness, and provides a soft, tactile setting. Since using it, I have used it countless times after shampooing and it is also a great brightening product.”

The best heat protection agent
Saltair Marine Orange Blossom All-round Heat protection spray

“This spray smells really cute. Orange blossom, jasmine, salt…… It’s really my smell language. Its fragrance is very subtle, but every time I smell it throughout the day, I am very happy. In addition, it protects hair at temperatures of up to 450 degrees, preventing breakage and damage. The price of $13 is a must.”

Best air drying products
Crown silk texture air dried mousse

“My hair is very unstable, especially when it dries. Sometimes, when it dries, it looks fluffy like a beach, and sometimes it looks curly and flat. This textured foam keeps my natural wavy rolls looking even and fluffy – whether it’s really air-dried, or diffused with a little heat. And the best part is, my hair doesn’t come loose.

Best hair accessories
Jennifer Behertalen bow hair clip

“I’ve never been a big fan of bows, but when I saw this masterpiece by Jennifer Beer, my thoughts immediately stopped. What caught my eye were the strings of pearls, as if falling from a bow, stunning. In real life, the quality is even higher than I thought it would be (thanks to its silky satin material). I don’t wear it on special occasions, I wear it every day and hope to pass it on to my children one day.”

Best matte foundation
IT Cosmetics CC+ Natural Matte Foundation with SPF 40

“It Cosmetics’ natural matte liquid foundation is perfect for quick makeup and on-the-go use. It gives a soft matte effect, and the color combination is very beautiful. I’m not a big fan of foundation in the summer, but this one feels very light and easy to use, so I’ll probably switch to it. “

Best blush
Westman Studio Baby cheek blush stick

“Now that the weather is warmer, my makeup routine relies mainly on two products: blush and lip balm. The new Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks blush stick is absolutely the perfect product – it doesn’t tug on my skin, it runs smoothly over it, it has great colouring, and it’s the perfect product to give me a little bit of blush after a tan without having to put my face in the sun. “

Best Liquid Eyeliner
Beauty Liquid Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

“The new Make Liquid range has an almost dizzying array of interesting colors to choose from. There’s so much makeup to create! These eyeliner pencils are perfect for any look, from ultra-fine, tight eyeliner to patterned cat eyes – and even if you have big, watery eyes like mine (thanks, seasonal allergies), they’ll make your eyeliner last forever. I love the colours Wavelength (dark blue), Substellar (espresso brown) and New Sky (pink blue), which make my blue eyes shine even more. “

Best lipstick
Mary Kay Limited Edition Shiny Cream Lipstick

“There are very few products that impress me so much with their packaging alone, but Mary Kay Limited Edition Shiny Paste Lipstick is truly beautiful. The outer case of lip balm looks like it has been coated with a real glitter, but when applied, it takes on a saturated color. In addition, proceeds from the sale will be used for the Pink Change Lives project to help women in need. “

Best fuzzy powder
One/Size The Ultimate Fuzzy setting powder

“One/Size recently released the Ultimate Fuzzy setting powder in three new colors, including Ultra Peach, which took my love for this formula to new heights. It’s perfect for people with neutral skin tones, and if you like medium shades, it’s the perfect way to hide your bright blush.”

Optimum lip glaze
Kylie Makeup Silky Lip Gloss

“I’m very particular about lip products, but to be honest, Kelly satisfies me every time. The new Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss is the perfect product to carry in my bag at all times. It’s pretty on its own, but I also like how it works with a lip liner. It doesn’t feel sticky, it makes my mouth look shiny, and it’s nice to kiss. “

Best lip pencil
Lisa Edrich ten-year lip pencil

“In my eyes, Lisa Eldridge’s products can’t go wrong, and her brand’s lip liner is no exception. This lip liner is available in a variety of shades, but Ten Years is a perfect brown that falls somewhere between warm and cool tones without favoring either one. I’ve already used a lot of them, and I’m doing my best not to buy four so I don’t run out. That’s how good they are. “

Best makeup brush
Danessa Myricks My delicious Makeup Brush collection: Starter Edition

“Danessa Myricks has teamed up with Mykitco to launch a collection of brushes, and I bought the starter version – a combination of 10 face and eye brushes to help create a full face. One of My favorite brushes is My Targeted Fluff, which couldn’t be more appropriately named. The brush is soft and elastic, and the bristles do not fall apart on the face when used. I love using it to apply my powder products, and the other brushes are just as impressive. “

Best SPF body oil
Holiday Radiant Oil SPF 50

“Even though I’m a very serious journalist, the first time I used this body care oil, I couldn’t stop laughing. I feel like I’m 13 again – in the best way possible. When I was in middle school in Florida in the early 1980s, body glitter was the coolest thing. I put it on my chest and arms every day. With a healthy SPF 30, this body glitter from Vacation allows you to be protected while being the coolest person in the pool, and it smells great. What I will say is that it leaves some glitter (ahem, shimmer) on your skin, which is a plus or a minus depending on your preference.”

Best sunscreen gel
Holiday Orange Gel Sunscreen Gel

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Where do I begin? When I was growing up, my mom always used Bain de Soleil tanning gel, and this product and its scent always reminded me of some of the best summers of my life. That product is no longer in production, but Vacation has released its own version -Vacation Orange Gelee Sunscreen Gel. It has an SPF of 30, so it’s much safer than the original (which has a whopping SPF of SPF4), but it still has a charming aroma and perfect texture. This summer, it will be a staple in my beach bag. “

Best body wash
Naixue body wash Olibanum fragrance

“Hello, Necessaire headquarters? Yes, I would like to request that the new Olibanum fragrance be added to all known beauty products. I need perfume, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner. In fact, can you still make candles? I fell deeply in love with this shower gel, and as someone who has already fallen in love with all kinds of bathing, I went into the bathroom screaming with excitement just to use it.”

Best hand sanitizer
Flamingo Roman Heirloom tomato hand sanitizer

“What I learned most in my 30s was how my grandmother’s core sense of beauty crept in. I woke up one day and suddenly started laying Paisley hand towels, stocking vintage honeypots, and having a penchant for things like garden-style hand sanitizer. Regarding the latter, let me clarify: I have no qualms about my love of Flamingo Roma Heir-Heir-Tomato hand sanitizer. It smells like a backyard tea party and a well-tended herb garden, fresh, grassy and very nice. It also makes my hands feel super clean and soft without losing moisture, which my grandmother would be proud of. “

Best body spray
Philo Moon Stone Body Fragrance Spray

“Phlur has brought body spray again, and I feel like I’m back in high school, when I used to collect body spray for fun. However, this fragrance combines floral, fruity and woody notes for a more elegant feel. Moonstone, in particular, is the perfect scent to use with some of my eau de toilette – it adds a hint of sweetness that makes any fragrance extra feminine and approachable.”

Best Fresh Perfume
L’Objet Kerilos Eau de Toilette

“Want to smell like summer in Greece? Of course I do. This gorgeous eau de toilette is just what you need. This fragrance combines citrus notes of pomelo lemon, citrus and ripe grapefruit, with a base of white musk, sandalwood and wild herbs, reminiscent of a leisurely day enjoying the sun by the Mediterranean Sea. Even the name makes me want to spray it -Kerylos comes from Greek mythology and pays homage to the kingfisher, symbolizing new beginnings and positivity. “

Best candle
Lumira Cuban tobacco candle

“I grew up with my Cuban father and smoked cigars on special occasions (Cuban cigars, of course, whenever he could get them), and I can confirm that this candle does not smell like a Cuban cigar. Instead, it has light patchouli and soft musk to balance out the smoky notes, perfectly hovering between masculine and feminine. Some people might call this a cold weather candle because of its intense flavor, but I think it’s mellow enough for a warm, warm summer night.”

Optimal indoor spray
Homecourt Mandolin Basili indoor deodorant

“One of my favorite compliments to receive is that I smell good – and so does my apartment. Whenever someone comes to visit, I like to keep everything smelling fresh and clean, and Homecourt Mentholiden Fragrance deodorant ensures the compliments keep flowing. It makes my living room and bathroom smell as fresh as daisies – or, in this case, citrus – plus it comes in a very chic package that looks great on any countertop. “



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