These 6 sneaker trends are already influencing the fashion trends of 2024

As the saying goes – New Year’s shoes (at least that’s what I say). If one of your resolutions is to embrace your inner sneaker mania, I’ve got the best sneaker trends for 2024 for you to look forward to come January. From the spring/Summer 2024 shows to the streets of New York, I’ve been looking at next year’s hottest must-have styles and silhouettes.

You’ll find plenty of trendy pieces to get 2024 off to a great start, but don’t neglect your current favorites. In addition to the new models joining the market, some classic models for 2023 are still going strong. Read on for the only cool sneakers you need in your closet, and also be sure to check out’s favorite shoe trends for 2024.

Read on for my analysis of the top six sneaker trends to watch over the next 12 months.

Unexpected textures

The era of boring shoes is over, let me introduce you to the trend of textured sneakers. Shearing, calf hair, knitwear, embellishment, etc., are becoming popular on the streets in the most exciting ways. The softness and warmth that you love inside your shoes is now out there, and I’m personally very happy about that. Acne Studios, Junya Watanabe and Flower Mountain are all great places to embrace 2024’s coziest trends.


In 2024, we wear (more) pink! If you thought the year of Barbie was over, think again – the fashion industry is still obsessed with the playful hue. Try it with classic staples like Converse Chucks, Adidas Sambas or Gazelles, or work with designers to create new styles that add a touch of color to your toes. Even in winter, pink sneakers can brighten up your wardrobe. That’s right, pink can be a neutral!

Outdoor activities

Whether it’s “Gorp-core,” “Quiet outdoors,” or athleisure, trekking inspired sneakers are popular for their technical details and comfortable design made for adventure. Now they are hotter than ever. Whether you venture out into nature or wear it for the office, outdoor aesthetics and high fashion can now go hand in hand. What else is there to gain? It gives you extra support and traction no matter what the weather.

Heavy metal

Does this trend look familiar? In 2024, metallic colors will continue to be popular. At this point, all of your favorite brands have already launched metallic styles, making it easier than ever to add this trend to your sneaker rotation. Silver is the clear frontrunner, but don’t forget colorful metallic colors when looking. You can rely on this gorgeous trend to elevate any outfit, and I love the contrast between the shiny material and the silhouette of the sneaker.

Bump detail

Rustic sneakers? It’s in the past. Rough sneakers will be all the rage this year, juxtaposed perfectly with sober, luxurious cuts. If the sneaker has the illusion of being dirty, has frayed fabric details, or looks worn, then it’s your best bet! And the best part? No need to worry about a stain or wrinkle after purchase.

Ballet shoes

The biggest shoe revival of 2023 – and perhaps one of the biggest fashion trends of the year, Ballet Core – has become the next new sneaker silhouette. Take your collection of ballet flats to the next level with sneaker-like support and even a little extra height. This spring 2024 shoe trend features sneakers disguised as ballet flats, giving your wardrobe choices a stylish yet stealthy look. Want to be more stylish? Opt for a pair of pink or metallic sneakers.



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