The trend for engagement rings in 2024 is a far cry from tradition

Few shoppers buy a ring with the intention of wearing it every day forever. But that’s exactly what an engagement ring represents: an everlasting commitment, a symbol of love, transformed into a precious jewel to be worn on the finger of a future life partner. As such, an engagement ring is a significant investment – both emotionally and financially – and with so many designs and styles out there, it’s no easy task to pick the right ring for you. While traditional engagement rings such as diamond, gold or platinum sets and classic styles never go out of style, the New Year also brings new options worth considering, especially for those with a penance for unconventional ring styles.

As consumers increasingly want to choose styles that reflect the wearer’s personality, edgy styles will be more sought after.” Kitty Fuller, founder and designer of jewelry brand Kitty Joyas, said: “At the end of 2023, I was inundated with requests for bespoke engagement rings that completely subvert the rules of ‘traditional’ design.” The idea that you can wear anything you like as a symbol of your union will grow. In 2024, I hope to see classic design elements come together to form a new and exciting era of design.

In addition, the way couples shop for rings continues to modernise, from buying rings in pairs to being open to alternatives to used works and lab-grown diamonds, there will be plenty of opportunities to find the right ring for the right person in 2024.” “From oversized sets to kaleidoscopes of gemstone colors, this new wave of wedding jewelry reflects a broader movement that is embracing self-expression more than ever before,” Fuller said.

Here are nine trends for engagement rings in 2024, and none of them are traditional. These unusual personalized designs defy expectations and demonstrate creativity as unique as the person wearing them.

Engagement ring trends for 2024: Set the trend

Sidney Neuhaus, co-founder of Kimai and GIA certified gemologist, says curvy engagement rings are increasingly popular. Pair it with our wavy wedding rings to create a modern and stylish overlay look that is especially effective. We know our customers love to rearrange and play with these stacked styles to keep their special pieces fresh and interesting, falling in love with this design time and time again.

Engagement ring trend for 2024: swirly silhouettes

While auras are a common feature of engagement rings, there are also increasing creative ways to surround the center stone with a smaller diamond or gemstone. Danish jewelry designer Sophie Billie Brahe is known for her playful use of timeless ring designs, and the circular silhouette of her Escargot ring is based on the snail’s swirling shell. Customers are moving away from the traditional single diamond in favor of distinctive designs. Billie Brahe said: “Our unique design of the iconic ring is very popular with customers.” Although these rings were not originally designed for engagement rings, their styles are often used as wedding rings for modern brides.

Engagement ring Trends for 2024: The Sustainability Wave

According to a 2021 McKinsey & Company report, sustainability practices have and will continue to play an influential role in fine jewelry buying decisions, accounting for 20 to 30 percent of all sales in the category by 2025. Engagement rings are no exception, known as the “sustainability wave.” Leading brands are accepting old gems and rings made from recycled gold, and some even offer internal swap programs where customers send back unwanted or broken jewelry in exchange for points.

Engagement ring trend for 2024: Bold rings

The thick handle challenges traditional engagement ring design by focusing on proportion and favoring thicker rings and inserts over the usual petite and curvety styles. By making the rings as personal as the stones themselves, these pieces have a modern and organic appeal for unconventional brides-to-be who want their rings to be as bold as they are.

Engagement ring trend for 2024: Paying homage to nature

In the realm of romance, we often turn to nature for help, from the symbolism of a red rose to the songs of pigeons and lovebirds as metaphors for important relationships. The engagement ring design also borrows elements from Mother Earth to make it meaningful: a gold flower with rose-cut diamonds; The ring handle looks like an interwoven vine, symbolizing connection; The talons and claws symbolize strength. These styles often have a retro charm, striking a clear balance between nostalgia and personality.

Engagement ring trend for 2024: colorful gems

If there’s a common theme in 2024 engagement ring trends, it’s playful. Jewelers don’t take themselves too seriously, and neither should brides about to walk down the aisle. Choose colorful rings that capture the spirit of that special someone with colorful gems. For something even more special, consider setting birthstones that represent you and your partner.

Engagement ring trends for 2024: East meets West

Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective to make the traditional…… Not so traditional. Take it literally. Instead of looking at the stone vertically, as you usually do, consider looking sideways to make any classic cut trendy. From oval to emerald, from pear to olive point, don’t hesitate to turn your favorite shape around.

Engagement ring trend for 2024: Grey diamonds

Over the past few years, grey or salt diamonds have become increasingly popular as engagement rings. Chupi Sweetman, founder and CEO of fine jeweller Chupi in Dublin, said: “Grey diamonds were originally known as imperfect diamonds and were not worn because they were considered an industrial by-product. (For every carat of white diamonds mined, there are about 200 gray diamonds.) “The ash diamond is amazing. They’re like mini galaxies and the night sky.”

Engagement ring Trend for 2024: Ringless

London-based jeweller Tessa Metcalfe has noticed that more and more people want to be involved in choosing the ring they wear every day, but don’t want to miss the romantic gesture of their partner picking out a meaningful piece of jewellery for them. Her advice? Propose with something else, like one-of-a-kind earrings.” “That way you can choose something that pushes the boundaries and shows your partner how well you understand their tastes and humor, while also respecting their autonomy and letting them choose an engagement ring together [later],” she explains. You can also skip the ring altogether and embrace the trend of engagement watches for an equally symbolic romantic gesture in a different way.



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