The Best of Retro online: A concise guide

Is there anything as satisfying as finding the perfect vintage item? Even online, the thrill of discovering a dress with a print, cut or neckline that fits you perfectly is like the moment you remember there’s a frozen pastry in the fridge; It was a magical and proud moment and you knew you would never let them go……

But unlike pastry, finding an antique treasure is almost always a one-off (except, of course, during a pandemic). The hunt is like a wonderful chase that yields something you can treasure forever – an object full of a story, often beautifully made, that you can put in your museum – ready to give it a second life in the modern age…… Okay, okay — maybe I’m being a little too romantic. But there is also romance in antique shopping. It feels more deliberate and less rushed. Even if you are looking for something special for a limited time, it will feel much sweeter once you stumble upon it.

Vintage doesn’t mean the puffy sleeves, static fabrics and bridesmaid dresses of the Eighties that you might have seen your mom wear in 1983. It can mean clean tailoring, subtle detail and attention to detail that “you just don’t find anymore.” I’m hardly a vintage veteran, but I’ve been rummaging through big scarf baskets in charity shops and Beyond Retro since I was 14 – I figure I can spot a good thing when I see it……

This is who we are! Some of my favorite antique places on the Internet. These are of course just the tip of the iceberg, but I tried hard to narrow it down to avoid the typical “antique flood”!

Fashion clothing

These are a few of my favorite online shopping sites for real, carefully selected, amazing vintage dresses. From period-inspired pieces to dazzling dance dresses and everything in between, these women really have an eye for style……

Another Matinee – a beautiful dress for a special occasion.

Frock___ – Think playful prints and perfect Florentine – Welch inspired travel pieces.

Selena’s Shop – To buy the most beautiful colorful printed robes, this is your first stop.

ITSDARLINGANDVINTAGE – from miniskirts from the 60’s to peplum dresses from the 80’s, there are many more fun elements.

Selected goods

These women are not necessarily for the impatient, they only select the most beautiful pieces on the Internet every week and month. But don’t rush off, these things will fly like hot cakes!

The Pansy Garden – a weekly release of exquisite clothing faster than you can say “WHY-I-OUGHTA”.

Affandjam – retro rework that feels like modern art. It’s worth keeping.

Top Of The Town – A small capsule collection culled from a complete collection of wardrobe items to inject a retro touch into your wardrobe.

Retold – Pick vintage pieces with a modern eye. A true classic. Wear it now, wear it again, wear it again.

A mix of old and beautiful

Ready to dive into vintage? Then put on your goggles, because we’re going for a swim. Cowboy boots, Peter Pan, everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and if you can’t find it here, I’ll give you a full refund, you hear me?

Waiste- a vintage seventies boutique with suede, tinted prints and a pointed collar.

Hilda Vintage – Collected and collated by Hilda in the UK, full of timeless romance.

Peony Vintage – Sunshine from the coast of Kent, England – picks colorful pieces for playful dressers.

BMuse – For all things gorgeous.

Second Stories – a selection of classic vintage pieces for the modern woman.

Little Sister – Everything from Laura Ashley prints to statement blouses.

Saluto London – From color to costume jewelry, your next party piece is hidden here.

Retro Rehab – My favourite antique shop in Manchester, there are lots of beautiful clothes here.

Wild Daisy Vintage – The store is small, but full of fine fabrics, romantic collars, and beautiful photos.

Beyond Retro/Rokit – two of my favorite “big” retro brands. Their online store may take a while to navigate, but I guarantee you’ll find something great.

Anitais – Modern style based on the 1960s.

Bonjour__vintage – classics mixed with plenty of gorgeous inspiration.

Imparfaite – You want French antiques? We offer you the best choice.

Atijo – Cut! Style! I can’t handle it!

Valerys Vintage – For some real treasures (prints and Peter Pan collars, I hear), come here.

Other review points

Other not to be missed beautiful sellers and collectors share points…

A Virtual Vintage Market – a live virtual marketplace that shares some of the best sellers, the first of which is coming soon!

Take Your Tern – Started by the wonderful Daisy Murray, who shares some of the best sellers and locations. A wise choice!

The Antik Store – London’s finest antique haven.

So Last Century – My favourite antiques fair in south-east London.

I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane



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