Teddy Bear Coat: Conquer IT Girl’s plush coat!

Teddy Bear: a plush coat that never goes out of style

I don’t know about you, but every time I say “teddy bear,” I think of that very famous white teddy bear that has become an iconic symbol for a famous softener brand and was part of my childhood advertising for years.

Maybe some of you still remember it. I think, as a little girl, “Cuddle Bear” fascinated many of us because of its softness.

Over the years, we never saw it again, and now…… We found the same fleece effect in our must-have coats for the last two winters.

What are we talking about today?

Dear Impulse Mag friends, today we are talking about teddy bear coats…… Conquer all IT girls with plush effects coat!

Teddy bear coat: Coat of all the rage

Who would have thought that plush effect coats would be back in fashion! Yes, all fashion brands, from the most sought-after Max Mara to commercial chains like H&M, have at least one teddy bear coat in their winter collections.

Do you remember the new autumn/Winter 2017/2018 collections at Milan Fashion Week? Here’s an example:

Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Coat: The Origins of an icon

We’ve been hearing about teddy bear coats since 2017: It was the Italian brand Max Mara that started the trend, creating the first truly iconic teddy bear coat, which was followed by just about every other brand.

This is exactly the teddy bear coat Max Mara launched for autumn/Winter 2017/2018.

Perhaps its price is not out of everyone’s reach (we’re talking about €1,6002,350) : that’s why even the most commercial and inexpensive brands have relaunched a cheap version of the teddy bear coat.

Camel color teddy bear coat

Max Mara’s teddy bear coats have been a constant classic since 2017: white, sand, black, red, leather, navy and camel can be found on the official website.

The most visible and well-known is, of course, the leather model, and before that, the signature color of Max Mara – camel. The camel and black striped long waistcoat is available only on the website, which is an online monopoly.

Max Marra
Wool, alpaca and silk blended teddy bear coat

Max Mara’s teddy coat is an alpaca, wool and fur effect silk blend with lapels, low-cut sleeves and hip lateral pockets; Viscose lining, double breasted opening. The coat version is loose and cocoon-shaped, and I personally recommend not choosing a size larger than what you normally wear, as Max Mara clothing tends to fit “comfortably”.

In addition to the classic teddy bear style, there are some styles that always have a plush effect: shorter styles with wide standing collars and kimono sleeves.

Two Max Mara teddy coats

Another double-breasted mid-length coat in the same material is made of alpaca and fur-effect wool, with a silk base, hood and slit pockets.

As a result, even the most commercial and inexpensive brands have relaunched the Teddy Bear coat, and it’s a cheap version of Max Mara – definitely a very inspired version.

For example, H&M designs are sold out both in electronics stores and in stores:

Why are teddy bear coats so popular?

As you surely know, one of the most popular colors for fall and winter is red, and many of you may have already bought a red coat or are looking for one.

But, after all, we know: we women love variety, and why settle for just one coat when we can have at least two?

Are you still undecided? Go for the teddy bear coat: it’s all the rage this year! Perhaps it is because of its softness, which gives a romantic, almost lovely feeling; Maybe it’s because, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, it evokes memories of our childhood when we all had teddy bears, or at least once did, and couldn’t put them down.

In fact, the teddy bear coat is a very popular coat, and it also has the indisputable advantage of being made of Buckley-wool (or faux fur), which ensures amazing warmth retention – which, let’s face it, is no small thing in winter. Trust us, dear friends: once you wear it, you can never leave it!

How to put on a teddy bear coat

Do you think teddy bear coats are difficult to match and wear? Don’t be fooled by its looks: a teddy bear coat isn’t as hard to put together as it looks.

You’ll find it can be worn for an everyday look with jeans and sneakers, or for an elegant look with a pair of heels.

Which model to choose?

You will have many options: it all depends on your taste and habits. You can choose from a short-waisted style reminiscent of a bomber jacket; Or go for a more classic look that is reminiscent of a jacket, perhaps an oversized jacket that is in vogue at the moment.

Want to be bolder? Go for a foot-long teddy bear coat.

So what color to choose?

The boldest can certainly follow this season’s trend and opt for a fiery red, like the one Max Mara showed at Milan Fashion Week:

Others can choose from beige, mustard, caramel and various pinks, or the classic timeless black.

Let yourself be inspired by the outfits below…

Low-cost alternative to teddy bear coats

For those who don’t have the budget for a Max Mara teddy bear coat, there are many inexpensive alternatives.

First of all, I recommend that you pay attention to the Intrend website, the brand outlet store of the Max Mara Group, where you can find teddy bear coats.

Extra long faux fur coat

Plush effect coat with belt

Woolly knit coat

Long faux fur coat

Plush coat

Plush fur coat

Plush fur coat

Short plush coat

BOOHOO long teddy bear coat

Cappotto teddy color crema BOOHOO

Cappotto teddy over lungo BOOHOO



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