Summer Nourishing skin care + Easy makeup

Happy summer My favorite season is officially coming.

When summer comes, my whole body relaxes, releases, and feels calm. After a tumultuous, emotional spring, I’m embracing this feeling with open arms. Open your arms! Give me all the pool days, yard games and snow cones.

In order to welcome the arrival of summer, today we are going to talk about summer skin care and makeup. During the hot season, my entire skincare routine changes a lot – makeup becomes lighter and more relaxed, and skincare products become more moisturized and moisturized.

Let’s get started! Today we’re going to talk

— My summer skincare routine (every product is clean – no harmful chemicals, yay)
— My pain-saving makeup steps (four quick products, no palette tools required)
— There are a few extra goodies, such as natural self-blackening and aluminum-free deodorant

Before we get started, I want you to know that this is not a sponsored article – but brace yourself, too, because I’m raving about these products. I love these products. Over the past year, I’ve been looking for and experimenting with different cleaning products – weeding out the ones that aren’t as good and finding the ones that are worth keeping. So, in this post, I’m sure to be full of praise and excited to share my findings with you.

My summer skincare routine

Step 1 | Osmia Organics Black Clay Cleansing soap | When I switched to this soap, I have been using makeup wipes as my cleanser. What a difference it has made to me! After the first use, my skin immediately became soft – like it had never been soft before. It’s great for sensitive skin, but I’ll tell you, I went through a period of adjustment – my face was more prone to breakouts than usual for about a week. But it’s been plain sailing ever since.

Step 2 | Khus + Khus Detox Moisturizer | I was skeptical at first. Squirt water in your face? Really? But now I get it. It not only moisturizes and hydrates, but also calms and purifies the skin and reduces wrinkles by plumping up the cells. You can even use it as an aromatherapy to calm the central nervous system – that’s what I like most about it. It has become a soothing ritual.

Step 3 | Khus + Khus Detox Serum | This cleansing serum is packed with nutrients that kill bacteria, astringent, repair and nourish, and even regenerate cells. I know it’s crazy, but my skin loves it. And a little is enough – I’ve been using it every day for four months, and I still have at least half a bottle left.

Step 4 | Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer | Yet another clean product, this moisturizer is the latest addition to my lineup and I am very pleased with it. It promises to reduce redness (I’m prone to redness, especially in the summer), and I’m happy to say I’ve seen a noticeable difference.

My painless makeup routine

Step 1 | Juice Beauty Stem Cell CC Cream (Natural Color) (given to me as a gift) | The gold standard for quick and easy makeup. It’s so easy to apply, I didn’t even need a mirror, and I definitely didn’t need a sponge or toning tool. Its concealer is light – lighter than liquid foundation, but still enough to even out skin tone. Bonus: Built-in SPF. Double reward: It is rated as a low-hazard product in EWG ratings.

Step 2 | Maya Chia Golden Time Day Brightening Serum | Glow in a bottle (clean, healthy ingredients). Apply a drop or two to the top of your cheekbones or anywhere that needs extra shine. You can even apply it near the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and wake them up. It comes in three different shades – I used the golden moment, which makes people look radiant from the inside out.

Step 3 | French Girl Mineral-dyed Lip Balm Sonali (given to me) | Kristeen, the founder of French Girl Organic Products, started her line on Etsy in 2010 and her products have been in demand ever since. This 92% organic lipstick has an attractive color, but it’s essentially a lip balm, so don’t worry about uneven application. Its texture is light and fresh.

Step 4 | Anastasia Brow Wiz medium brown eyebrow pencil | I’ve loved this stuff for years. This is the most natural eyebrow pencil I’ve found, and it lasts. I use it every day – even when the rest of my face is not made up.

Alternatively | eyelash extensions | If you want thick lashes but don’t want to wear makeup in the summer, you can try eyelash extensions. I had eyelashes grafted for 6 months and loved it. In all that time, I haven’t used an ounce of eyeliner or mascara, so no raccoon eyes either, luckily! Recently, I stopped buying them to give my wallet a break, though I might buy them again in the fall. Note: After the grafted eyelashes grew out, my natural eyelashes remained healthy and happy without any damage.

Extra gift

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner | I’m a little lazy to use tanner now, but I’ve been using this stuff for the last summer. As a self-blackening product, it is one of the healthiest choices. It’s easy to paint, and the color is very positive, a light tan rather than orange.

Mayachia Revitalizing Body Oil | Is your skin getting a little tanned by the sun and heat? This is your new partner. This cleansing body care oil contains grapeseed oil, supercritical chia seed oil and pumpkin seed oil, making it a superfood for the skin. It is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins for tired summer skin.

Freedom Deodorant Finding a natural deodorant that works can be very difficult. But after trying more than a dozen different options, I finally found an aluminum-free deodorant that works for me. I used an unscented stick, but if you like a scented deodorant, the bergamot mint stick smells great, too. Since it’s not an antiperspirant, I still sweat, but it doesn’t smell – even in triple-digit heat!

Sally Hanson PFFP nail polish! Be-gonia | is definitely not a natural or cleaning product, but it’s my favorite color to put on my toes in the summer. I’m wearing it now.

– – –

That’s it!

Tell me, what are your skincare and makeup steps for the summer? Any clean products to add to this list? I’m curious — are you feeling summer too? Share in the comments!



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