Spring travel wardrobe: Clothes

On Monday, I posted my week-long spring travel wardrobe, and a few friends asked to see the outfits I’d made from a packing list. While I didn’t take any costume photos on the actual trip, I restored what I was wearing in today’s article! I hope that after seeing these clothes, you get a better idea of how my travel wardrobe works, not just theoretically, but in real life.

To recap, my spring travel wardrobe consists of a total of 18 pieces -5 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 skirt, 1 coat, and 5 accessories. Please take a look at it first, and then we’ll move on to the costume matching.



Sunday is a travel day, so I opted for comfortable jogging pants. My new favorite is a poplin button-down jacket tucked into sporty jogging pants with French pleats.


I worked at a coffee shop most of the day, so I wore jeans and a hoodie, casual and comfortable. That evening, we had dinner at home. I loved it so much that I kept wearing it.


It was another morning working in a cafe, but I had an afternoon lunch date with my mom at a lovely cafe, so I chose a slightly funky, neat outfit. Jewelry and chic bags complete the look.

That evening, I went out to have a big dinner with my parents, so I put on my dress. It’s a sports dress with a little logo on the back upper part of the skirt, so when I really want to dress it up, I tie a sweater around my shoulders to cover up the logo. I have to admit, I love this bright touch!


You guessed it – another morning at the coffee shop. It was raining this morning and it was cold, so I wore jeans and a sweater and felt comfortable. I didn’t put my coat in these pictures, but this is the morning I put it on, and I’m glad I brought it.

That night, I went to a friend’s house for dinner. Boy, friend time is so good for the soul! I’m simple and comfortable (but still stylish) in jeans and a tank top. I also brought a black hoodie in case I caught cold.

A black, turtleneck tank top is the superhero of travel – it barely takes up space in a suitcase and meets everything from fitness to going out. The same goes for jewelry. I pack a silver necklace and hoop earrings and wear them every day. They add a finishing touch to every outfit.


Yes, another morning at the coffee shop, another relaxed outfit.

In the afternoon, I asked a friend to go for a walk. I put on a hat to protect myself from the sun, and because it was breezy, I put on a hoodie over my sports bra.

That evening, I had a potluck out with my whole family. I wore a hoodie over my sports dress for a relaxed, casual yet cute look.


Since I live with my parents, I did one piece of laundry early in the morning – my vest and several other clothes needed to be changed at this time.

Laundry planning is an important part of the packing process. Now that I know I can do laundry on this trip, I can pack less. If I don’t have a laundromat where I live, though, I might bring a few more tank tops and maybe even a skirt.

Another day working at the coffee shop, I put on another casual outfit. I was feeling colorful and springy, so I put on my green ball cap and tied a green sweater around my shoulder.

That night, I went to happy Hour with a friend. I found myself wearing almost exactly the same outfit to dinner on Wednesday, but hey, wear what you can. Apparently, jeans and a black tank top are my go-to outfit for “going out.”


This morning was so much fun. We took my nephews to the zoo. I wore a hat to protect myself from the sun, sneakers to stay comfortable when I did a lot of walking, and a sweatshirt to ward off the morning chill.

That evening, we had a relaxing dinner at home with the whole family. I was very comfortable in cycling shorts and a loose button-down jacket.


On Sunday, it’s time to go home. For the three-hour drive home, I opted for comfortable jogging pants and a hoodie.

– – –

That’s it! Over the course of eight days, I combined 14 outfits with a total of 18 pieces.



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