Recreate (G)I-DLE’s costume in the “Queen Card”

South Korean girl group (G) I-Dle have just released their sixth mini album, I Feel, ahead of their upcoming world tour in the second half of the year. Last year, with two chart-winning songs, Tomboy and Nxde, (G)I-DLE has established itself as a unique musical identity that challenges expectations of a K-pop girl group without reservation. In keeping with Cube Entertainment girl group’s core theme of “Confidence”, their new title song “Queencard” is an ode to self-love and embracing all aspects of who you are.

In the music video for “Queencard”, group leader So-yeon plays an aspiring queen bee who prepares to undergo cosmetic surgery due to her lack of confidence in her appearance. After realizing that even the most beautiful girls on social media – played by other members – can be anxious about their looks, So Yeon decided to embrace who she is now, flawed or not.

Inspired by nostalgic youth movies like “Mean Girls” and “Clueless,” the candy-colored video is filled with wild and fun costumes that hark back to the 00s. Continue browsing (G)I-DLE’s Y2K fashion world!

Theme 1: Vintage club wear

The first part of the music video is set against the backdrop of a retro-themed disco party, with the members of (G)I-DLE taking turns dominating the dance floor. It’s reminiscent of the iconic dance battle scene from the 2004 comedy film ‘White Chicks.’ Each (G)I-DLE member declares himself a “Queen card” while donning a bold, flamboyant outfit that pays homage to retro disco fashion.

Minnie made a stunning appearance as she descended the stairs in a dazzling outfit that epitomized disco chic – sleek cuts, bold colors and gorgeous details. Her orange halter top was pointy and emblazoned with bold letters, while her flared jeans were faded wash with riveted pleats at the legs. A heavy silver belt and platform boots added a punk touch to the K-pop icon’s look. Minnie also accessorized her look with superstar earrings studded with rhinestones and a chunky silver bracelet.

Beauty yeon night style exudes a sweet pink girl atmosphere, charming and yet sloppy. Her hot pink cardigan combines abstract patterns with delicate fur trim necklines for a stylish yet luxurious look. Mi-yeon paired this feminine cardigan with a black halter top and was covered in an emotive pattern print that accentuated her feminine and edgy sides. The songstress upped the sex appeal with a black halter mini dress paired with a silver heart-shaped chain belt. A shiny heart-shaped pendant necklace and shiny star earrings set off Miyeon’s high-heeled lace-up boots.

Theme 2: Stylish jeans with jeans style

In addition to the old-school club look, the (G)I-DLE members also incorporated another Y2K trend into the music video: jeans with jeans style. By mixing and matching different denim pieces and adding different accessories, (G)I-DLE proves that the head-to-toe denim look can suit every aesthetic, be it practical, girly or sexy.

Yuqi wore a double-decker denim suit that included a denim halter top with a crystal rose motif on the front. She paired her top with an equally faded miniskirt and a metal buckle belt around the waist for a more nostalgic look. Like the rest of the group, Yuqi opted for black lace-up ankle boots to enhance her look. Two beaded doll braids under a rainbow hijab framed her face, while gold bracelets and silver nails added a party vibe to her look.

Shu Hua plays a saleswoman in a lingerie store in the video. Her denim outfit stood out against the pink curtains. She wore an off-the-shoulder denim top with pocket details and high-waisted, wide-legged jeans with subtle wrinkles at the front. The singer added a feminine touch to her chic look with blue ankle strappy high-heeled sandals. For accessories, Shu Hua tied her hair up in a bun with a cute headband and embellished her chest with a multi-level imitation pearl necklace. Blue blend nails are the perfect addition to her jeans look.

Theme 3: Sexy midriff

In the second half of the music video, we see the (G)I-DLE members dancing at the plastic surgery center, all wearing Y2K-style tailored velvet jackets and super-mini denim skirts. Their vibrant costumes contrast with the cool blue background for maximum visual impact in the chorus of the song.

Wearing a red cut velvet-zipped hoodie and a low-cut washed denim mini skirt, So Yeon grabbed the spotlight with a cool and sexy midriff showing. Her upper and lower body are decorated with playful appliques, adding a bit of vintage touch. So Yeon’s silver belt sparkled, echoing the rhinestone details on her coat and the shiny star print on her white high-top combat boots. The group leader complemented her look with dramatic accessories such as gold pendant necklaces, letter pendant earrings and pink bobby pins.



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