Our Summer capsule wardrobe offers you 30 unique clothing combinations

Looking to organize your summer capsule wardrobe? You only need 11 things. As our stylists bear witness, a fully equipped summer wardrobe should have the following items: three tops, linen pants, trusty denim shorts, a nifty miniskirt, a raffia handbag, fiber acetate sunglasses, a pair of unremarkable sandals, kitten heels, and, of course, a bikini. That’s it! How free

With these key pieces, you’ll have endless opportunities to mix and match (plus any micro-trends you’re obsessed with) – you’ll be able to create 30 different outfits (yes, 30!). And they all fit together perfectly. Use the previous items as your list, they are exactly what you need for your collection.

Thin polo shirt

See-through sweaters are the secret to summer layering; It can increase the warmth without worrying about overheating. The open design allows air to circulate and adds a translucent element to the outfit. We found this sweater especially suitable for boating days; It has more texture than a button-down shirt and is a relaxed smock at the same time.

Matching style

Linen trousers, bikinis and sandals, suitable for boat trips
Accessorize with a bra, miniskirt, and kitten heels
Pair it with a skirt and strappy sandals

Khaite’s Julita knit Polo top is light enough to be almost nonexistent and deserves a place in every summer capsule wardrobe. Made of fine viscose, this jacket is breathable and easy to wear and take off. It can be worn with everything from linen trousers to miniskirts.

White vest

This is culled from our core capsule wardrobe list: the do-it-all white tank top. Throughout the summer, there are countless ways to wear it, from going to the beach, pairing it with an early morning run under a knitwear to having a ’90s Gwyneth Paltrow moment with a silk skirt…… Need I say it? Experts recommend that once you have a basic white tank top, opt for black and navy in the same silhouette to add layer to light-colored knitwear and leggings.

Matching style

Linen pants and non-slip sandals to the beach
Long denim shorts and sneakers for business trips
Wear a long dress and strappy sandals to dinner, and throw a crepe neck sweater over your shoulders in case the temperature drops

In our guide to the best vests, we put Toteme’s vests at the top of our list, and I don’t say that lightly. The reason why it has received such high evaluation is because of the quality of its fabric -95% cotton and 5% elastic fiber, giving it unparalleled softness and durability. It also passes the yellowing test, which means you can buy it with confidence that it will last more than one summer.

Striped button top

The oversized button-down shirt is a year-round wardrobe staple, worn twice as often as the average shirt from May to September. It can be the perfect beach jumper, paired with denim shorts for a casual look, or worn with a skirt and strappy heels for an evening event. While white is a classic, we recommend opting for stripes to add something new to the summer silhouette. The nautical touch of stripes makes this style perfect for poolside wear.

Matching style

Denim shorts, light sandals, a sweater over the shoulder, while drinking coffee while shopping
Wearing a big V-neck sweater and long shorts for a backyard barbecue
Bikini and toe loop slippers for a nice day by the water

There’s nothing more effortlessly comfortable than an oversized cotton shirt, and By Malene Birger is at home with this cut. The Derris organic cotton shirt can be worn casually in the summer, and the navy and white stripes match perfectly with other warm tones. After the season is over, the shirt can continue to be worn in rotation, as it can be worn with a pair of straight pants for office events.

A pair of shorts denim Bermuda shorts

Everyone needs denim shorts in the summer, but the shorts of our youth are no longer suitable for us. Instead, denim shorts came to the fingertips. This style, while equally breathable, feels more mature and has enough cover to keep you comfortable in your backyard or while dining out. Whether it’s black, white or classic blue is up to you. You can’t go wrong.

Matching style

Bikini, button-up shirt and raffia bag for beach wear
Pair it with Breton striped knitwear, tank tops and sneakers for boat rides
One-piece swimsuit, designer flip-flops, backyard pool party

Stella from Agolde has a place in many of our editors’ wardrobes with the perfect balance of length and hip position. If you prefer a glossy style, choose your real size for a perfect fit. If you want to wear something laid-back, go up a size or two and let it hang around your hips.

Linen trousers

We have culottes in our wardrobes all year round, so our summer outfits naturally include linen pants. The straight cut, linen fabric and high-waisted design are lighter than traditional twill pants. All neutral shades can be pulled off, but we prefer white, which complements sun skin and pearl jewelry.

Matching style

Wear bikinis, tank tops and sandals on beach days
Pair it with a button-up shirt and high-heeled flip-flops for dinner
One-piece swimsuit and fisherman sandals, seaside lunch

Australia-based brand Posse has a thing or two about beach wear. Beachwear is in the DNA of the brand, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s linen trousers are our first choice. Louis pleated trousers exude a relaxed Australian style, the straight cut is slightly loose, and the bright white tone matches the rest of your summer pieces seamlessly. What we love the most is its high-waisted cut, which just needs to be paired with a bikini top to make the whole body feel like treasure.

Dress fringe woven long skirt

While denim shorts are the most reliable summer bottoms, it’s also important to have a pair of elegant alternatives for more upscale occasions. This is a crochet miniskirt. This style is naturally suitable for summer, and the hollow weave design ensures plenty of air circulation. The simple cut clings to the body without being too snug, making it easy to wear with your other pieces, from tank tops to cut-out sweaters.

Matching style

Tank tops and kitten heels for dinner and dancing
Bikini tops and button-down shirts, boat parties
One-piece swimsuit and sandals, relaxing in the backyard with friends

Zimmerman’s crocheted skirts feature a black and white color scheme and a detailed hand-crocheted pattern that will add an extra touch to your summer capsule wardrobe. The ankle-length style can be paired with your other clothing collections to take your look to the next level – wear it over your denim shorts or linen trousers for a dinner party look.

Swimsuit embellished triangle bikini

We know that it’s tempting to stock up on swimwear – there are many interesting color schemes and silhouettes every season. Our advice is to make sure that before you cram your swimsuit drawer to the brim, you have a triangle bikini you can trust that will be in every suitcase you have, whether you’re going away for the weekend or a month on vacation. Solid color triangle bikini is our top recommendation. This style fits any body type, no matter your bust size.

Matching style

Denim shorts and a button-up shirt
Linen trousers and vest
Pair the crocheted skirt with sandals

You can’t go wrong with a triangle bikini top, and this Celine by Hedi Slimane top exudes a subtle touch of luxury throughout thanks to Celine Triomphe hardware. We love that this bikini top can be easily adjusted to suit your needs – there are lace-ups at the top and back to give you just the right amount of support.

Raffia fiber handbag

Our favorite accessory this season may be the big straw bag. While this season’s trend of small wicker bags (hello, Celine and Saint Laurent) is tempting, we recommend prioritizing a spacious tote that can hold all the items on the beach while keeping them snugly. The right handbag will have a chunky shoulder strap and a flat base for easy packing for the upcoming holiday.

Matching style

Pair it with a beach suit and a sun hat for a day by the hotel pool.
Denim shorts and bikinis to the beach.
Crochet dresses and wedges and enjoy an alfresco dinner

When Puzzle Tote debuted in Fall/Winter 2023, we fell in love with its functionality; The fully foldable body makes it easy to pack, and when opened, the bag has enough storage space to hold everything you need for a day. The leather version is perfect for city living, while the new raffia fiber version, launched in collaboration with Paula’s Ibiza, is perfect for the beach.

Casual sandals: flip-flops

After season after season of high heels and stilettos, we’ve officially entered the era of flip-flops and sandals. Flip-flops sandals with their simple feeling and easy to wear characteristics have become the darling of the fashion industry. You can wear it with denim shorts or wear it with a maxi dress, and it’s this versatility that makes it a must-have item in your summer wardrobe.

Matching style

Bikini, button-up shirt and long denim shorts for outdoor activities.
Linen long skirt and handbag, suitable for shopping nearby.
Pair it with a lace Zimmerman suit and straw hat for an after-work cocktail party

We knew we had to have this sandal when it hit the spring-summer 2024 runway show. The silhouette of this sandal is a classic, but there’s no denying that the mini Chanel logo on the LACES and the velvet fabric (which means you shouldn’t wear it near the water) make it stand out. The minimalist design makes it easy to wear for any occasion – from beach days to waterside dinners – while ensuring you feel polished.

High-end shoes: kitten heels

You can’t go wrong with a pair of kitten heels in summer – they’re as effortless as a pair of flip-flop sandals, but with a slimmer heel that adds class. Wear it to take denim shorts to the next level and complement a crocheted miniskirt on a night out. Our heels are only a few inches off the ground, so you can safely walk around in them all night.

Matching style

Denim shorts and a silk camisole, lunch with friends
Crochet miniskirts and top tops for dinner on the town
Jeans and a T-shirt to run errands

Jimmy Choo’s recently released Lev 35 sandals have a ’90s feel and are easy to wear. These strappy sandals feature a strap detail to keep your feet safe throughout the night. We love how it looks under pants and how it looks in the spotlight when paired with a miniskirt.

A pair of sunglasses with black acetate frames

Fact: We love the classic aviator look, but this summer, we made room for the new French girl favorite – black chunky sunglasses. From Celine and Givenchy to Bottega Veneta and Khaite, every designer is putting out their own version of these demure sunglasses. They also serve your wardrobe long after the summer is over and work equally well with head-to-toe black throughout fall and winter.

Matching style

Wear a linen dress with white tennis shoes and move through the city
Monochrome one-piece swimsuit and white button down jacket, suitable for sailing
Column dresses and gladiator sandals for fun time by the water

A pair of black sunglasses can go a long way in your wardrobe, and our editors can’t get enough of these sunglasses from DMY by DMY. Billy sunglasses feature an unexpected rectangular design that creates a cool girl vibe. The all-black design also adds a bit of layer to the outfit, especially in summer, as it contrasts with the lighter tones found in summer capsules.



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