I got 5 personal styles + 8 live-action outfits in July

At the end of each month, I collect snapshots of my favorite outfits and look for common themes. I really enjoy this moment of reflection and it helps me to constantly improve my style.

Keep scrolling to see my 8 favorite outfits of the month, and 5 takeaways from July.

1 | I couldn’t be more comfortable with my style. However, I’ve experienced a lot of “I don’t know what to wear today” situations this month.

Isn’t that fascinating?

I think it’s because I feel a lot of emotions during the month and I’m not quite sure what I need every day to feel supported from my clothes.

If I’m feeling down, do I want more whimsy? Dress more aggressively? Or do you want more shape and softness?

I do my best, but most of the time I feel like my clothes don’t fit – even if they look great on the outside.

All the ingredients/components/pieces are there, hanging in my closet. But I don’t think I have the energy to think about how best to use them to support myself for a while.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s quite normal. I don’t know about you, but it happens so often to me that I’ve come to see these uninspired, uncertain moments as an important part of the process. That makes me feel good.

It means I can relax and know I’m still on my way, even if I feel uninspired.

2 | So, yeah, I’m not feeling great this month. But when I look at this collection of clothes, they’re actually a triumph.

These outfits really represent me and what I really like to wear, not just what looks good in photos.

It all comes down to choosing pieces that fit my own definition of comfort. Mid-rise bottoms, non-tight tops, running shorts, flats – all of these are particularly comfortable for me.

It took me a long time to stop buying clothes that looked good in photos but didn’t feel good on my body. But I finally did it! Wow

3 | The basics are back in a strong way

Returning to familiar basics feels like exhaling. Buttoned shirts, solid colored T-shirts, and soft jeans are all the rage in July.

I know, “cowboy” and “July” don’t usually go together (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). In this hottest summer, I usually don’t wear jeans. But for some reason, I’m attracted to its classic vibe and wear it often.

4 | What I carry most is my handbag.

(Hey, look what I did?)

In the summer, I like to take my kettle with me everywhere, so a handbag is also good.

There are two handbags at the top of my list – an ultra-casual canvas bag and a fancy Little Liffner tote. My canvas bag fits well with my no-frumpy style, while my Little Liffner bag plays a key role in elevating super casual wear.

5 | I’m already excited for fall fashion, and I’m getting closer to it!

Look, I’m a summer girl through and through. Summer is my season. I usually say, “Stop saying autumn, it’s not time yet!” ! Now is not the time!”

But I can already feel my burning desire for fall fashion. Dark-wash denim jackets, chocolate bike shorts and striped sweaters were all on my list. I just want to follow my inspiration – life is too short to live up to your passion.

How about you? How is your style feeling this month? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you have a good day. Make sure you take good care of yourself today.



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