How to wear fashion

Fun pop dress – Transition dress

I wasn’t always a cowgirl and I like to change styles a lot, so now we’re going to look at a new outfit, and it’s a bop-inspired dress with a fun phone print on it. This is actually a dress from the spring/summer collection that I can still wear with a cardigan or/and a coat during this transition period. I usually don’t like to wear clothes that are too classic because they don’t match my personality. This colorful piece attracted me because it combines the sexy allure of a classic one-piece dress with a bold original print. Anyway, I think it’s “mine.”

A fun Bop tub dress with a transition

I’m not a cowboy girl, but I love a change of style, so I chose a new popular tube print dress with a very flattering phone print. This is a piece from the early spring/fall collection that can also be worn during this transition period, with a cardigan or a coat. Only I don’t like to wear clothes that are too classic, they don’t fit with my personality. This colorful hat caught my attention because it perfectly combines the sexy charm of a classic bathtub with a fresh and unique print. In a word, I feel it is “mine.”

The right dress will make you look fabulous, but beware of the wrong dress

I love to play with color, and my red Valentino bag and blue Le Silla wedges pair very easily with this fun dress. It’s not the cold season yet, the weather is still warm, my skin is still dark, as if yesterday I was at the beach. The wrong dress will make you look older, pay attention to length and fabric, but the right dress will make you look fabulous. What do you think of the dress? Do you like it?

The right skirt will make you look very beautiful, but it will also make you look old.

I love the colors, and my Valentino rose dress and Le Silla slant straps are easy to match. I don’t feel like I’m going to be as frustrated this year by the change of season as I have been in past years, because that’s what happened with COVID-19. What do you think about bathtubs?



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