Cold weather hair care

How can I keep my hair healthy when the seasons change

In a few days, we will be moving from the warm weather of late summer to the cold days. As you prepare for the cold season, your beauty routine may begin to shift, but the changing seasons can affect other areas of your life. Your Saturday night routine now includes a hot cup of tea, a book, a blanket and your favorite candle – at least I do.

I have realized that my hair needs a new treatment as the weather turns cooler, but I am not angry because I thoroughly enjoy these moments of self-care.

I’ve prepared some winter hair care tips to help you beat the cold weather and keep your hair fresh, healthy and hydrated throughout the season. Winter weather inevitably brings some differences to hair care. While I like to maintain a heavy hair care routine in the summer as well, I seem to switch things up in the winter and care for my scalp, ends, and insides more methodically.

During the cold season, there are some factors that can unconsciously affect the health of our hair. Now it’s not possible to air dry hair occasionally (at least not for me), so we need to use more heat. Maybe you’re enjoying more hot showers, which can also increase the damage to your hair. I pay a lot of attention to the shine of my hair because I tend to get frizzy in the winter. One painful but useful thing I suggest you do, if you haven’t already, is don’t forget to cut your hair after summer, which can be a big help for split ends and all the damage caused by the sun and salt water.



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