Best Dressed ’Fits & Hits

Back to school season is almost here! If you’re a fashionable girl, get your outfit ready so you can be crowned “Best Dressed” student in your school’s yearbook.

To help you look stylish as you strut down the hallways, check out these three back-to-school outfits that blend style and comfort. From classic sophistication to sleek and eclectic styles, these three dress code ideas and mood-boosting songs will help you boost your confidence while making a lasting impression.

Get ready for school with NIKI’s cool and upbeat song High school In Jakarta in your playlist ! If timeless elegance is your style, then this outfit is made for you!

Pair a black mock-neck tank top with stylish wide-legged plaid suit pants for a look that is both youthful and relaxed. Grab a cozy beige knit cardigan to stay warm in your air-conditioned classroom.

Add an edgy touch by pairing black double-strap chunky-soled Louboutins and a faux leather crossbody bag. To add a sweet and playful vibe to the look, wear your hair in a low braid and tie a red velvet bow.

If you’re into sporty and relaxed aesthetics, you’ll love this girl-next-door set that embodies femininity and tomboyishness.

Pair the seven-quarter shirt with high-waisted denim Bermuda shorts for comfort and movement. You’ll look more boyish with plain ribbed socks and striking green canvas sneakers.

A black tweed hairband will frame your face and add elegance to a casual overall look. Don’t forget to carry your school essentials in a beige backpack with multiple pockets!

Inspired by Taiwanese singer Waa Wei’s energetic and uplifting song “Have a Good Day”, I put together this vibrant ensemble that exudes happy vibes!

Elevate your mood by wearing a pink crew neck t-shirt and pair it with a stylish beige mid-length skirt. This maxi skirt features a fun drawstring detail on both sides and multiple pockets that are perfect for holding trinkets. Complete your ensemble with comfortable canvas sneakers featuring labeled appliques for extra visual interest.

Accessorize your hair with a chic ribbon hair claw for a girly look. Wearing a heart necklace will give you a soft and sweet look. Finish the look with a roomy and chic quilted large tote bag.



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