80s style clothing ideas you should try this spring

In the past few years, 80s-style clothing has become hugely popular again.

Simple styles and monochrome are out. Big shoulders and bold colors are in! Fashion from the 80s is becoming more and more fashionable. Clothes inspired by a decade of Salt-N-Pepa and Journey styles have been popular among fashionistas and celebrities alike.

Fashion inspiration and trends from the 80’s are easy to style. Why not try these styles to complement your wardrobe? Trust me: Incorporating these key pieces into your style will be a lot of fun.

This article provides you with an all-encompassing style guide to 80s clothing so you can dress your own way this spring too. I designed 7 outfits around the major trends of the 80s. This article will also show you 80s-inspired hair and makeup ideas, as well as some important fashion brands that were influential at the time.

Now, let’s get started! Here are some of our favorite ’80s looks and ideas to help you recreate your’ 80s style today.

80s style clothing ideas

The fashion of this era was known for bright colors, big wavy curls, exaggerated earrings, and lots of ruffles! The following 7 outfits are inspired by these 80s fashion trends!

’80s style: Big shoulders

When it comes to ’80s fashion trends, the first thing that comes to mind is big shoulders. We can see this in the exaggerated shoulder pads and the power suits popular with women. The outfit I designed is a modern take on the famous power dress, and it’s what I most wanted to wear today.

This outfit is designed around this mouth-watering tailored suit jacket. It is a bright metallic fuchsia, with an open back and exaggerated pointed shoulders. The top is in a luxurious satin fabric with an ultra-short cut.

I paired this jacket with some ripped boyfriend jeans. The jeans are high-waisted and light washed. The jeans are faded and look vintage. I also paired it with a pair of flat leather sneakers for a more casual look.

For accessories, I chose this pair of bright beaded earrings, another trend from the 80s. I also paired it with this white mini shoulder bag to store all the essentials. The bag has a crocodile print.

80s style clothing: Bold colors

In the 80s, bold colors were a part of every girl’s wardrobe. Every piece of clothing has at least one bright color, but often multiple. These colors often clash, but in the best way possible. For this 80s style outfit, I focused on neon pink, baby blue and bright orange.

The neon pink sweater has balloon sleeves and a classic crew neck design. The neckline, cuffs and hem of the sweater are decorated with ribbed knitting. I paired it with this cute daisy-print baby blue mini dress. This dress is very peculiar and is also available in purple and pink.

I also paired them with my favorite white Doc Martens boots. The girly feel of the dress matched the edgy feel of the boots. In terms of accessories, the textured earrings in bright orange and the mini shoulder bag in royal blue are very eye-catching.

80s style: Sequins

The sequinned style was a fashion trend in the 80s that is still going strong today. Sequins are an element that adds interest to a look and are so wonderful for festive occasions such as holidays, birthdays, parties or whenever you want to create an atmosphere.

This silver sequin top has a halter strap that you can wrap around and tie in a variety of ways. This stylish detail adds a surprising amount of color to the blouse.

For the bottom, I added some color to my look with these high-waisted flared green jeans. I love this deep hunter green color, and the thin corduroy fabric adds some extra feel. While today’s theme is “the 80s,” flared pant legs also inspired me in the 70s. You can never go wrong with mixing and matching!

I also paired it with some chunky high-top white Converse and this fun pair of silver snake earrings. Finally, in terms of bags, I completed the look with this black purse with a single fixed handle. It’s got crocodile markings and a magnetic snap. I love this bag’s flat bottom design and strong sense of structure.

80s style dress: ruffles

This has to be one of my favorite ’80s trends, and it’s been making a big comeback lately. Ruffles and tulle were very popular at the time and can now be found almost everywhere.

This mini peplum black dress was the centerpiece of the look. It is off-the-shoulder with layers of flounces and tulle. I paired it with a pair of white lace-up heels and it was irresistible. I like these heels because they are not too high and are comfortable to wear for a night out. Square toe and ankle wrap add some detail to the look.

I added this black jacket for warmth. This jacket is very chic and full of high fashion, but the price is quite affordable. This long coat is made of smooth vegan leather with faux fur trim and a detachable belt. I like the way this coat is unbelted, unlaced, and open over a skirt.

I finished off the look with some very textured silver mini rings. They have a woven detail with a little more to them than normal loops.

’80s style: off-the-shoulder top

The off-the-shoulder silhouette was a super popular style in the ’80s, and it’s still going strong today! This off-the-shoulder top is a good example of this style. It has elastic at the neckline, cuffs and lower chest, so it can hold itself up. In addition, it has transparent sleeves in glossy organza fabric. This bright blue is very bold and stands out.

I match this top with this pair of asymmetrical ripped jeans. This pair of jeans is high-waisted and has an indentation on the leg. For shoes, I paired these simple, chunky black boots with this bright orange crossbody bag to complete the look.

80s style dress: off-the-shoulder dress

The next outfit was the same trend, with an off-the-shoulder cut, but in a frock style! This satin dress is super chic. I love its high fashion sense and beautiful sage green. It is characterized by a tucked high waist, miniskirt length, and asymmetrically overlapping hemlines.

I paired it with these bright pink chunky heels. They are super skinny heels with platforms, square toe and ankle straps.

For accessories, I accessorized with this bright blocky mini bag. This really brings out the look and complements the color of the heels. In order to keep the jewelry simple, I only added some small gold circles to make the jewelry more shiny.

’80s-style outfit: Outrageous earrings

Earrings are an easy way to bring 80s clothing trends into your style. The earrings are very vintage and add some ’70s inspiration to this look. They are neutral colored Daisy flowers.

I paired these earrings with a blue plaid long-sleeved cut top and black distressed mom jeans. I also paired it with a chunky pair of white sneakers and this cute blue and tan tote to carry the day’s essentials. This is exactly the look of a girl with a body.

A trend-setting brand in the 1980s

Reebok, Nike and Adidas sportswear

Fitness became popular in the 1980s and was expressed through fashion. Athleisure is truly a clothing style that was born in the ’80s. Big brands such as Reebok, Nike and Adidas, which are still household names today, were hugely popular at the time. These brands are moving away from fitness and focusing more on streetwear and everyday wear.

A Swatch watch

Swatch watches were a big trend in the 80s. Every cool kid has one of these inexpensive plastic watches. These watches have bright colors and rich patterns, and people often own several watches at the same time.

Jordache, Guess, Wrangler, Levi, Gitano, Bonjour, Sasson

Denim denim. Jeans. These jeans brands became household names in the 80s and grew in popularity. Guess, Wrangler, Levi and other brands were household names. Whether you like mom jeans, wide-leg jeans, or acid-washed jeans, there’s something for everyone.


Ray-ban is famous for Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses. These styles were favored by more people, making it a famous brand today. Everyone has a pair.

80s hair and makeup

Heavy eyeshadow

The 80s were not only a time for fashion, but also a time for beauty. Specific hair and makeup trends became iconic trends and transitioned into the styles we know and love today.

Heavy eyeshadow was very popular at the time. This includes bright colors and bold smudges. Women wear eye shadow all the way up to their eyebrows and use bright colors like blue and purple. Bold eyeshadow is back, with bright colors on the LIDS and on the lower lashes.

Wavy hair

With bold eyeshadow came bolder hairstyles. ’80s hairstyles were big and wild, with full volume and extreme curl or wave. This hair volume is still popular today. Women wear their hair up, down or sideways. Either way, it requires a lot of hairspray and teasing.

What’s your favorite fashion trend from the ’80s?

What’s your favorite costume? Let me know in the comments below!



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