8 handbag trends to put your 2024 style in your pocket

It looks like 2024 will be fashion’s boldest year yet: denim evening wear will be all over the place, non-celebrities will go pants-free, and bows will be on the rise. Decorations will also be fun, thanks to the innovative use of luxurious anklets and mesh fabrics in footwear. Handbags will also play a big role in 2024’s style reboot, with some of the most important trends dabbling in some dramatic elements.

The Succession collection, which goes by the same name as TikTok, is believed to be the catalyst for the biggest 2023 trend of “quiet luxury”, and this aesthetic is also having a ripple effect in the spring/Summer 2024 collection. Also striking in 2024 are the 3D flowers that are making waves in all fashion categories, as well as the bright blue tones that are stealing the fashion limelight. As always, there are more timeless trends for those who prefer not to cause a ruckus in their closets. From glitzy to demure, we’ve compiled eight handbag trends for 2024 to help you get through 12 months of style.

Handbag trend for 2024: Round

Trends are cyclical, and sometimes this cyclical nature can be well reflected in the design field. This is a case in point: designers such as Altuzarra, Louis Vuitton and Longchamp introduced round handbags at their spring/summer 2024 shows. Whether it’s a compact model with a top handle or a more convenient one that can be worn across the body, the round handbag will be a home run in the closet.

Handbag trend for 2024: Double bags

Why stick to one handbag when you can carry multiple? Alaia, Coach and Jil Sander have doubled down on the two-bag trend by pairing smaller, pull-up leather bags with larger totes. Whether you need extra storage space or just want to make a statement, opt for a mid-sized minimalist base, such as a black tote, and pair it with a mini (or miniature!). Bags that add texture, color or shape.

Handbag trend for 2024: snakeskin print

Borrow from one of the shoe trends of 2024, the snakeskin printed handbag style. This bold pattern can be a neutral shade of brown or gray, like the Fendi style, or it can be an embossed-on embellish in a bright hue, like neon green by Gucci or bright blue by Rejino Pyo (more on that particular shade later). If Jil Sander’s look is to be believed, you can’t have too many serpentine bags in 2024.

Handbag Trend for 2024: The mobility of the handheld bag

Not all handbags need to be carried by hand, at least not always. For example, the trusty handbag is worn on the shoulder most of the time, and the irresistible crossbody bag is true to its name. In 2024, especially for elegant occasions, the best hands-free approach is to pair it with a large clutch that doesn’t have to be clutched in your hand. With it tucked under your elbow, your fingers are free to hold champagne, your phone, or a friend’s hand. Brunello Cucinelli, Tory Burch and Chloe all went for envelopes and pouches, Altuzarra and Jil Sander, on the other hand, are taking a more structured look at the trend. Consider choosing a convertible style so that simply adding a shoulder strap can easily transform the clutch into a different look.

Handbag Trend for 2024: Stylish, high-capacity handbags

Regardless of what Tom Wambsgans might think, an oversized handbag is going to be The most popular handbag in 2024 – at least according to big name designers like Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, Prada and, of course, quiet luxury leader The Row. Whether it’s Victoria Beckham’s giant leather bag or Max Mara’s canvas gardening bag, you can fit the contents of an entire studio apartment. There’s nothing funny about it.

Handbag trend for 2024: Bright blue

In the Spring-Summer 2024 collection, stark white was the dominant hue, while in the accessories realm, a different hue caught our eye: bright blue. Isabel Marant, Versace, Giorgio Armani and Ferragamo offered handbags in everything from Mayol blue to robin’s egg blue to sky blue, And at Valentino’s show, a sky-blue handbag stood out in a sea of bright white.

Handbag trend for 2024: Floral handbags

The power of flowers will be in full swing in spring, but these are not the flowers on your grandma’s couch. Floral details appear on a variety of handbags, including three-dimensional flowers by Balmain and 3.1 Phillip Lim, oversized floral prints by Chanel, and flower-looped fabrics and pearls by Simone Rocha. If you want to experiment with the trend but don’t want to embellish your bag, opt for something small, such as a coin purse or a mini bag with petal-like embellishing.

Handbag trend for 2024: Bucket bags are making a comeback

It’s been a decade since Mansur Gavriel, a brand from New York, introduced the bucket bag, but the style’s popularity has endured (” Mansur Gavriel bucket bag “has been searched for more than 400 million times on TikTok, Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Sarah Jessica Parker also have a fondness for the bags.) Add in similar looks from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Miu Miu, and it’s fair to say the trend could be on the verge of its best year yet.



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