6 most comfortable kitten heels all year round

’90s shoes are back, and they’re easier to wear than ever.

The phrase “kitten and” may still conjure up images of 1950s housewives, but over the past decade, this understated shoe has made a comeback as one of the best designer shoes. Driven by brands such as Christian Dior, Manolo Blahnik and The Row, this classic style has been reinvented as the go-to choice for busy fashionistas. But before we share the best kitten heels and their styles, let’s define what they mean.

What are kitten heels?

Kitten heels, which feature short, thin heels between 1-2 inches in height, are comfortable, stylish shoes designed to help young women fit into adult shoes. Kitten heels first became popular in the 1950s and have been in and out of fashion because of their versatile design and ease of wearing. While kitten heels were initially limited to skinny or tapered heels, this classic shoe has unofficially expanded to a variety of heel shapes. For example: Avenue heels, hourglass heels, and even laminated French heels. But despite their short heels and innovative design, low-heeled kitten shoes are not guaranteed to be the most comfortable shoes.

Maud Barrionuevo, 24s women’s and men’s buyer, said: “Kitten heels may look more comfortable than stilettos, but they can still slip easily.” “To ensure comfort,” says Maud Barruevo, buyer of 24s women’s and men’s wear, she recommends choosing high-quality materials such as leather, cushioned insole with enough support, and (in closed-toed shoes) a flexible toe box that moves with the body to reduce the chance of arch pain. It is these qualities that we take into account when choosing the best kitten heel shoes.

Best kitten heels for everyday wear: Miu Miu 55 patent leather stilettos

On the surface, skinny wedges seem like an occasional shoe. But if the popularity of Alaia’s mesh ballet flats and Saint Laurent’s Lee Patent Slingbacks is anything to go by, bold shoe styles are here to stay. And what better way to breathe life into a minimalist wardrobe filled with luxurious, flowing neutrals than with a pair of shoes that are both timeless and trendy?

Barrionuevo said: “The trend this winter is the ’90s, which has become a must-have accessory for fashion-forward cool.” Miu Miu’s strappy kitten heels feature buckle straps and polished leather fabric, making them the perfect shoe to wear from morning to night. You can pair it with baggy blue jeans, a turtleneck and a brown jacket for a casual (but cool) everyday look, and at night, you can change it into a regal black Khaite knit dress.

These Miu Miu wedges will not only be the shoe of the season, but also one of the signature shoes of the decade. The combination of glossy patent leather and lacing is reminiscent of our favorite leather lightweight jackets, bringing a fresh and cool feel to traditional kitten heels. Each clapper is fully functional and adjustable, meaning it can be matched to your preference, and the shoes are available in black and red – appealing to both minimalists and maximalists.

Best kitten heels for the office: Prada patent leather ankle-strap pumps

Almost any capsule wardrobe will include a pair of black heels, but we wanted to make a slight change for this upcoming season and beyond: ballet pumps. Ballet pumps, also known as almond kitten heels, are delicate, round-toed shoes with slightly elevated heels that have also become popular thanks to renewed interest in Maison Margiela’s Tabis.

“Ballet shoes have a unique look – somewhere between pump shoes and soles,” Barrionuevo says. Barrionuevo said: “They are also very easy to wear, mainly because they are very comfortable. Because of this, don’t save them for the weekend. Instead, make them a key part of your look when you walk into the office.

Whether you opt for patent leather shoes from Prada or Parisian brand Carel, know that this type of shoe is easier to put together than you might think. Pair it with designer leggings and a skirt for a corporate chic look, or pair it with straight-leg jeans to give the instep just the right touch.

Reminiscent of schoolgirls’ uniforms (in the best possible way), Prada’s patent leather ankle-strap pumps combine the chunky heel and LACES of the beloved Mary Jane with the delicate shape of ballet flats. Made in Italy in durable calfskin, it moves comfortably with the curve of the foot, while logo details add a modern touch to the shoe. Add a masculine touch to the traditional look with contrasting white socks, a skirt and an oversized button-down shirt.

Fall’s Best Kitten Heels Vince Camto ankle boots

“I’m a big fan of kitten heels — for a city girl, kitten heels are a must,” says Briana Andalore, a New York-based stylist who often designs kitten heels for her clients. “They usually wear high heels to give them a break, and kitten shoes look good with jeans, blazers and capri pants.

Kitten heel boots are a natural trend in cold weather. Not only are kitten heel boots perfect for walking cities like New York or Chicago, they can help transition warm-toned outfits like miniskirts and suit jackets into something suitable for low-temperature weather, but the style can also make any outfit look more sophisticated. For a truly modern look, opt for a wide, cylindrical body in smooth natural leather. Treat it with a leather conditioner before you go out so you can wear it all season long.

Vince Camuto’s boots feature a low two-inch heel design, padded feet for comfort, side zippers and wide boot openings for easy slipping on and off. Andalore suggests wearing them with pantyhose for fall, and when winter comes, let the soft pointy end slide down the bottom of the baggy wide-leg pants.

Best kitten heels for the evening: Metallic heels

Perhaps it’s the natural polish, or the effortless combination of diamond earrings, metallic colors inherently evoke the feeling of night. Next time you leave work, instead of packing an extra pair of heels in your bag, switch to a simple pair of silver kitten heels (such as Jimmy Choo’s Didi leather stilettos), as they are the perfect day-to-night transition shoes.

Andalore says, “Pointy kitten heels pair with a mini dress or skirt for a great nighttime look.” “I always wear kitten shoes with pants and a baby T-shirt from day to night.

For a nighttime look that doesn’t require transitioning from day to day, Ms. Barrionuevo says, pair metallic kitten heels with a long-sleeved mini skirt and opaque black leggings to make sure the silver look really shines. “Pointy toes lengthen your legs and get you ready to dance at night.

Struggling to decide whether to wear chandelier earrings for a night out? We can guarantee that these bimetallic wedges will be the first thing people notice about you. Made from 100% leather, these mirrored silver shoes are the perfect statement shoe and can also be worn with a minimalist wardrobe. It has a 1.77-inch heel for all-weather comfort and adjustable LACES.

Best kitten heels for weddings: Manolo Blahnik Carolyne bridal satin stilettos

Shopping for wedding shoes is a very complicated business. Whether you’re a bride or a guest of honor, you can’t go wrong with kitten heels. However, if it is not your own wedding, be sure to make sure that the white color starts from the ankle and ends at the ankle. The right pair of kitten heels can not only keep you on the dance floor for hours, but also enhance your look.

If you know you’re going to be standing on the dance floor all night, it’s important to pay attention to small details like pleats, elastic straps, or adjustable thin suspenders. Our comfort tips? Wear them at least twice as long as the event, preferably a month in advance. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to break in without leaving blisters when the big day arrives. Try to find a shoe style that you can wear after the celebration, such as satin heels from Manolo Blahnik.

Many people are fans of Manolo Blahnik shoes, and for good reason. The Spanish brand Bridges the gap between classic silhouettes and comfortable design, as evidenced by the Carolyne 50 bridal satin stilettos. Made in Italy with a glossy satin finish, these kitten heels are designed for all-weather wear with their luxurious white finish and elastic.

Best summer kitten heels: peep-toe sandals

Kitten heel sandals are not only suitable for closed toe, with The promotion of brands such as The Row, Toteme and Khaite, low heel square toe sandals have dominated. This indisputably sophisticated silhouette has defined quiet luxury since before the term was coined, as it elevates any outfit with a minimalist, understated design. These peep-toe sandals are perfect for summer, but they’re also perfect for fall.

Add a double denim suit for a chic weekend look, or wear tailored pants and a cashmere sweater to the office.

Toteme’s 100% leather kitten heels with a thong upper and square toe design are the epitome of relaxed 90s fashion. While it’s not an all-weather shoe, it makes for a lighthearted transition outfit. Barrionuevo recommends “looking ladylike with oversized black jeans and a baggy white shirt.”



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