5 Gorgeous trends you must know before you shop for the party season

I don’t think I’ve ever had as many “I have a closet full of clothes and nowhere to wear them” moments as I did this month…

… That’s too bad. This year, I decided to push myself a little further ahead and hit some party shopping (seriously, though, how much fun is that!). So I looked it up online. The result: my bank account is less sad (I love the affordable gorgeous pieces), my wardrobe is happy, and I’ve compiled a list of 5 party trends to consider when shopping for the holidays this season.

Also, I have a question I’d like you to answer in the comments section below: What was your favorite party song this year? Share with us so we can make a list of the best playlists of 2015 for New Year’s Eve! I guess I have to admit, Hotline Bub is one of my favorite songs! I have to admit, Hotline Bling got me dancing a lot, but I’m also excited about Missy Elliott’s new single (and video) WTF! Ok your turn!  ♥

Moving on: Everything you need to know about the December shopping season:

1. Velvet

When it comes to velvet trends, the first thing that comes to mind is a pair of Dolce & Gabbana velvet wedges that I’ve always dreamed of. It’s so beautiful! Red velvet Chanel handbags, blue velvet suits and green velvet dresses were also available.

2. Earrings

The earrings are still in fashion. I’ve lost count of the number of earrings I own. How about you guys? Have you tried it? Trust me, it’s one of the best conversation starters at a party! Size doesn’t matter, as long as it really stands out.

3. Horn arm sleeve

Horn sleeves are also known as “horn arm sleeves “- a trend that’s been on the rise lately. This may be the result of the prevailing 70s winds over the past year or two. This summer, boho chic is all the rage, and now this style is appearing in a variety of party pieces. I personally love this trend. It’s perfect for parties!

4. Lace details

… This is true for all kinds of clothes and accessories! Lace lace shoes are the most popular style at the moment and we can’t put it down. In addition, when this detail appears on dresses and tops, it will also make people’s eyes shine. Take a look:

5. Hollow out

Over the past year, we’ve seen hollowed-out holes in different kinds of clothing, but now the new trend is for these holes to be covered in transparent fabrics such as organza and tulle. Like the outfit I wore in the cab photo (I was on my way to Stockholm for the Guldknappen 2015 gala hosted by Damernas Varld). I want to wear it again for NYE!



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