12 ways to wear Dr. Marten shoes

Dr. Martens is a well-known brand that has always been at the forefront of the latest trends in footwear, and for good reason. Over the years, the British company, founded in 1947, has worked successfully with the likes of Marc Jacobs, Keith Haring, Lazy Oaf and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Doc Martens is more relevant than ever, with models, editors and creatives adopting the brand’s combat boots and soled loafers as seasonal wardrobe staples, helping to realize the quintessential style of the 90s and 2000s. Doc Martens can be worn with a variety of looks, from light dresses, jeans and T-shirts to plus-size suits. Their versatility makes them a transition shoe worth investing in.

Dr. Marten has always stuck to the classic combat boot design, constantly introducing new silhouettes, but other shoe brands have also taken notice and improved them. Prada’s platform loafers with metal loafers, for example, are inspired by that era; Ganni, for his part, gave the beloved shoe some quirky details, such as buckles instead of LACES, and a creeper-style rubber sole.

Whether you want to accessorize an outfit specifically around Doc Martens, or love its aesthetic appeal and are willing to try any similar soled casual shoes and boots, you’ll appreciate 35 creative ways to accessorize an outfit around this stylish and comfortable walking shoe. Read on to learn about the Doc Martens look for all seasons.

Grey pantsuit, white tank top and Doc Martens shoes

Break up the group look with a well-cut white tank top and leave the suit jacket open for a relaxed pantsuit vibe. Your Doc Martens shoes are the perfect finishing touch to give your outfit more of a ’90s grunge than a workwear vibe.

A wool coat is worn with a hoodie, over-the-knee socks and Doc Martens shoes

Over-the-knee socks are in vogue, and paired with patent leather Doc Martens, they feel like the answer to dark preppy clothing. During the cooler season, you can wear several pieces of clothing, including hoodies, suit jackets, and long wool coats.

Jeans, suit jacket and Doc Martens shoes

While black tights and dark wash jeans always feel easy to put together, your Doc Martens gives this combination a certain tough touch. Drape your blazer over your shoulder to look like a boss.

Pair a ribbed knit mini dress with Doc Martens ankle boots

The cutout mini dress makes you instantly stand out. Doc Martens boots bring this look down to earth and are perfect for day wear, while at night you might opt for heels or over-the-knee boots.

Furry coats, leather leggings and Doc Martens ankle boots

Mix faux fur and waxed leather with patent leather boots for a dignified Doc Martens look. The first step is to have a luxurious fluffy coat that is easy to fold and wear.

Cranberry Doc Martens booties with an all-black outfit

Add a pair of Burgundy boots to your all-black outfit to make your footwear even more noticeable. Paired with leather items such as mini skirts, it complements the texture of Doc Martens boots.

Bright bomber jacket, plaid pants and Doc Martens ankle boots

Dress up your plaid pants with a pair of white Doc Martens ankle boots and a bright bomber jacket. Accessorize with a simple black belt that matches the sole.

Boho knitwear with Doc Martens Mary Jane shoes

Pair it with knitwear and a multilayer necklace for a boho Doc Martens look. Layer a longer cardigan or tank top on top and play with proportions. T-Bar Mary Jane shoes are a Dr. Martens classic over the years, and when you wear well-cut pants, they help show a bit of skin around your ankles.

Pair an oversized graphic tee with a miniskirt, tights and Doc Martens

Keep it classic with Doc Martens ankle boots paired with sheer tights and an oversized graphic tee. Throw on a longer plaid coat to play with proportions, and pair it with a simple tote to hold your essentials.

Practical romper, quilted bag and Doc Martens ankle boots

What a chic look to tuck tapered pants into lace-up Doc Martens boots. In addition, the combination of a practical romper and this boot is also ideal for fashionable errand running. In the cooler months, throw a sweater over your turtleneck and carry a matching bag to keep you even warmer.

Sweater vest, knitted hat, corduroy pants with Doc Martens

Rolled up multicoloured corduroy pants meet the upper of Doc Martens shoes, subverting the concept of school uniforms. A fur vest, leather messenger bag and a rainbow knit hat complete the look.

Hats, kimonos, rocking jeans and Doc Martens low-tops

Try the classic Doc Martens low-tops with ankle socks and rocking jeans that show your shoes when you walk. Add a colorful patterned jacket and finish with a bucket hat for a ’90s chic look.



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